We will ask you a question and you must be completely honest with your answer – When was the last time you ate your five a day? If you don’t know what that is, it’s the suggested number of servings of fruits and vegetables you must consume daily (five to nine, to be exact).

We understand if you haven’t gotten enough fruits and vegetables. Even with your best efforts to eat a balanced diet, you may be a bit short of the recommended daily amount of some vitamins and nutrients.

That’s why numerous people take dietary supplements miami, fl to get their recommended intake of the missing nutrients. These supplements can fill nutritional gaps in the diet and are beneficial for specific individuals, like pregnant or menopausal women, vegetarians, vegans, and those with food allergies. Such individuals will require higher levels of specific nutrients from supplements like Integrative Therapeutics in Supplement First.

We share tips on taking supplements and the precautions to consider, so read on.

  1. Take Supplements as Directed

Take your supplement as directed. That doesn’t only mean looking into the recommended dosage. It also means reading the label of your medications to learn how supplements may potentially interact with the medication you take or the food you consume.

Take the supplement according to the directions stated on the label. Some manufacturers advise you to eat before taking the supplement for better absorption, while others require you to take it on an empty stomach. Fat-soluble vitamins should be taken after a meal that contains some fat.

Moreover, certain nutrients may affect the efficacy or absorption of certain medications, so read the labels of your medicines and talk with your doctor about what you are taking.

  1. Read the Labels

It’s crucial to conduct thorough research when planning to buy certain supplements. That also includes reading their labels carefully, since they can be quite confusing.

Supplements cannot and should not claim to treat and cure diseases, and they must have a complete ingredient and nutrition list. Here are important things to watch out for:

  • Claims that sound too good to be true, such as those boasting of unrealistic results and benefits, as well as claiming to be a quick fix.
  • Natural and organic claims
  1. Do NOT Substitute for Food

While supplements from stores like Supplement First can be used to help with your diet and get the nutrients you don’t get from what you eat, they are not a meal replacement. Make sure you still eat enough healthy foods and speak with your doctor regarding an appropriate meal plan and the supplements you need to maintain good health.

  1. Store Supplements Properly

Prevent accident ingestions by storing your supplements and other medication away from your kids’ and pets’ reach and sight. Place them in a dark and dry area for optimum storage and always place them back after use.

Wrapping It Up

Make sure you keep all these tips in mind so you stay safe while taking your supplements daily.