What is your stand with regard to the white-labeled CBDs? White Label CBD products are the typical configurations and formulations produced by the white-label company. These products are distributed for resale by multiple sellers. Theoretically, the exact product formulation is sold under multiple brand names.

White Label versus Private Label

Explain the distinction between the white label and the private label. It is easy to obtain the 2 terms, mixed up. Many people use these terms interchangeably. But, there is an essential difference. The White-labeled CBD products are standard configurations and formulations produced by the white-label company for resale by multiple sellers Bluebird Botanicals.

Theoretically, an exact product formulation is sold under multiple brand names. The White-labeled CBD products are cheaper because the formulations are not specifically customized to your brand. The private-label CBD products are manufactured and designed for the company and nothing else. The formulation of these CBD products are:

  • Propriety
  • Custom-made to specifications
  • Sold solely under your brand name

The products are not sold by anyone else. The formulation is propriety, it is using the private label CBD company manufacturing products more costly than using the White-label company. Thus, if you are a seller, you would be looking for these white-labeled CBD products.

Types of CBD products

There are three various types of CBD products obtainable in the market. These are formulations for the white-labeled CBDs made available for the resellers, namely:

Full-Spectrum CBD. These CBD products referred to the hemp extract possessing CBD and other compounds, which are naturally present in the hemp plant, such as


Minor amounts of THC

CBD, flavonoids, terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids are contained in full-spectrum CBD products that work synergistically to develop what is known as the entourage effect, which some research will indicate increase therapeutic benefits of the CBD compared to when it is used alone.

Broad-Spectrum CBD. A CBD that is from a hemp extract is the same as full-spectrum CBD with the exception of typically undergoing an additional extraction process on removing all THC while keeping the remaining compounds that are naturally present in the hemp plant intact. Testing shows some broad-spectrum CBD products containing minimal traces of THC compound, so it is safest to direct them as nearly THC-free.

CBD Isolate. It is what the name suggests, pure CBD or CBD isolate doesn’t contain THC or other compounds from the hemp plant. Unlike broad-spectrum CBD and full-spectrum CBD, CBD isolate can’t create the entourage effect because the extraction method will isolate CBD from all the other terpenes, plant compounds, and cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp.

The white-labeled CBDs are now buyable in the market due to the high demand of customers. The suppliers continually formulate, produced, and distribute these white-labeled CBDs and good thing that private-labeled CBDs take advantage of them.