In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Adipotide FTPP- What is it? What are its characteristics? What can it be used for? Its efficacy in medical research. Now, you can also buy Adipotide FTPP online. Without further ado then, let us discuss what this chemical is all about. 

Adipotide FTPP Peptide Explained

Adipotides are basically a variant of chemicals called proapoptotic peptides that can kill fat cells present in the body. They can block the blood supply specifically to the adipose tissues and not the rest of the body. This can help in weight loss which is beneficial for bodies that are resistant to insulin and to cure type 2 diabetes. 

Use of Adipotide in Medical Research

Adipotide Molecules Have Been Instrumental in Various Kinds of Medical Research namely:

  • Cancer research
  • Research conducted to cure glucose tolerance
  • Research conducted to aid in fat loss

Let us know in detail what these researches are

  1. Adipotide and cancer research: 

The growth pattern of a cancerous tissue is as follows: it receives nutrition through the network of blood vessels and metastasizes. Since adipotides target blood flow, they can also be used in cancer research as a potential cure. 


Adipotides specifically target prohibitin, a chemical found in cancerous tissues. The specificity is a major advantage since the treatment is targeted to the cancerous tissue and not to any other part of the body. This reduces side effects by focusing merely on the affected region. Adipotide does not cause any damage to the surrounding healthy regions. 

  1. Research conducted to measure glucose tolerance: 

Glucose tolerance is one of the major determining factors used to determine whether or not a person has diabetes. In a diabetes test, a blood sample from the concerned person is taken when they are fasting and the glucose levels in the blood are tested. In a non fasting test, the amount of glucose in the bloodstream after a person has consumed a specific amount of glucose is tested. 

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is controlled by proper diet and exercise. It takes some time for these changes to take effect in the patient. In the meantime, there are high chances that a patient will lose motivation on not seeing any tangible results. In this case, researchers have shown that adipotides help in bringing about rapid changes, independent of the body weight, in glucose tolerance. Adipotides also reduce the level of fat in the body and help increase the glucose tolerance in every patient, no matter what their weight is. This reveals an alternate and a more effective diabetes treatment option. 

  1. Research conducted to aid in fat loss: 

Adipotides, due to their affinity for adipose tissue that store fats, are peptides that can aid in weight loss. Research conducted recently has shown rapid results in terms of weight loss. This was also accompanied by a reduction in the BMI and an improved sensitivity to insulin. Adipotides bring about changes in the eating patterns and reduce appetite. 

Adipotide have demonstrated positive results in terms of research for diabetes and cancer treatment. Now, you can buy these peptides for strictly research purposes since the compound has a lot of potential.