In the US, 46% of adults say they’ve used marijuana before. While cannabis is still illegal on a federal level, it’s been legalized in many states now, which has generated more interest in recent years.

In fact, you might be curious about using marijuana. Whether it’s for recreational or medical use, there are many choices available to you nowadays.

Here are the different types of cannabis products you’ll find!


Flower (aka “bud”) is the tried-and-tested way to use cannabis. This is a part of the cannabis plant that’s harvested, dried, and cured. You take the “bud” and then smoke or vape it.

It’s the most commonly found form of cannabis, so it’ll be easy to find wherever you go. You’ll be able to discover the best cannabis strains. It’s also one of the most affordable forms, so it’ll be easy on your bank account.


If you’re into smoking cannabis but need something stronger than flower, then try concentrates. This is where all impurities are removed and you get a wax-like substance that’s high in cannabinoids and terpenes.

You’ll only need a small amount to get noticeable effects when smoking or vaping. It’ll also act on your body quicker.


Edibles are very popular because you get to have a nice treat while ingesting cannabis too! For example, there are chocolates, cookies, mints, gummies, and drinks that are infused with marijuana. If weed chocolates sound good to you, here’s some more info.

What’s great about edibles is you can ingest marijuana discreetly, as no one can tell if you’re eating a regular or weed brownie just by looking at it. There’s also no smoke to deal with, so it’s better on your body.

The downside is that because your body needs to digest the cannabis for it to take effect, it can take a few hours for you to feel anything. Newcomers mistakenly think the edibles aren’t working, and ingest more. Then, they’re hit with extra-strong effects in a few hours, which can be unpleasant.

Make sure you read the labels thoroughly, as serving sizes will differ from dispensary to dispensary. It’s better to err on the side of caution to ensure you have a good time.


Cannabis topicals include salves, lotions, and balms. These are meant to provide quick relief for things like headaches and muscle pains.

The cannabinoid CBD is better absorbed by your skin than THC is, and it has pretty much the same effects. So for most topicals, they’ll consist mainly of CBD rather than THC.

Because of this, topicals aren’t ideal if you’re looking to get high. They’re intended mostly for pain relief.

Try Out These Cannabis Products

If you’ve never tried marijuana before, then you should be pleased to know that there are plenty of cannabis products on the market today. Whether it’s flower, concentrates, edibles, or topicals, you’re sure to find a product (or two) that’ll improve your quality of life!

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