In the US, there are an estimated 6,090 active hospitals. This number includes nine types of facilities. Out of these hospitals, the short-term care facilities are most prevalent.

Most people know hospitals as healthcare facilities where patients receive health-related services.

But only a few of you know about the best health services they can get. If you’re not sure of the different range of health services, don’t worry! Here are the different types of health services you should know about.

Community Health Center

They are referred to as community clinics, non-profit medical facilities that provide services to poor areas. These hospitals’ main priority is to offer residents affordable primary care. They disregard the insurance status and income level of patients.

Besides primary care, community health centers also provide regular checkups. The checkup includes screening, and diagnosis of cancer, diabetes, and asthma.

For a medical facility to be a community health center, the patients are determinants. They shape leadership and governance.
This means that there’s no decision about the facility’s operation that is made without their approval.

Retail Clinics

The US Bureau of Statistics showed that about eight percent of the population doesn’t have insurance coverage. For such a group of people, paying for medical expenses out of pocket can be expensive.

To ensure that they get affordable medical care, the healthcare service they turn to is the retail clinics.

This walk-in clinic is situated outside retail outlets like supermarkets and grocery stores. When visiting such facilities, you don’t need to make an appointment with your primary physician.

When you visit a retail clinic, you’ll wait for a short time. Other primary care facilities will take more time.

Mobile Clinics

Mobile clinics are healthcare facilities found on customized cars. They can travel through different neighborhoods to offer health services. There are an estimated 2,000 mobile clinics in the United States that provide holistic health services.

A notable aspect of mobile clinics is that they help deliver value-based care.

This is because such clinics focus more on primary and preventative care. This means that they can detect individuals at high risk and begin intervention early.

Addiction Treatment Center

Drug addiction centers are healthcare facilities meant to help individuals seeking extra treatment. These facilities offer inpatient services as it helps relieve them from everyday stressors.

The set-up of these facilities is almost like the residential environment to feel comfortable during their home.

There are rehabilitation centers that offer dual diagnosis treatment. They offer care for individuals suffering from mental disorders along with addiction.

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