Wrinkles are the fine lines that represent the map of our lives. They show our aging and things we have gone through throughout our life. They can be dynamic or static showing repeated facial movements or the loss of elasticity. They express one’s emotions and amplify them, for instance, the laugh lines also called as nasolabial folds express the joyful emotions whenever a person laughs or smiles happily.

Throughout life, our skin is subjected to age and change. It gradually shows the signs of aging through these fine lines known as wrinkles. Other causes of wrinkles can be due to exposure to the sunlight, free radical damage, repetitive facial muscle movements, smoking, dehydration, medications and certain environmental and epigenetic factors. As a person ages, the skin loses its elasticity and does not spring back to its original position, and, the longer a person is exposed to UV radiation, the more he loses the connective tissue layer beneath his skin, so the wrinkles appear.

Many people don’t like the fine lines around their facial features and on skin so they try wrinkle removal treatments. Here are some of the most popular wrinkle removal treatments in Singapore:

Using Injectables like Botox and Fillers


Botox is a purified form of a toxin that is obtained from a bacterium. Though it is deadly when used in larger amounts, a tiny proportion of it can help minimize and correct the wrinkles on one’s face. And it has been used for decades now for this purpose.

It only works on the wrinkles and lines that are caused by the muscular movements, like the dynamic wrinkles. It does not help reduce the lines that are caused by the loss of plumpness and elasticity on the face, such as the static wrinkles.

It works in a way that it reduces the nerve signal to the muscles where it is injected on the skin. The affected muscles do not respond to the brain back and they are frozen or paralyzed temporarily. When these muscles do not move due to the lack of movements, the wrinkles on that respective part are gradually removed or they are minimized.

A botox treatment usually lasts for 3-5 months and its results are visible mainly after 48 hours of the respective treatment. However, it may have different side effects including weakening of the neighboring muscles, itching, rashes, bruising, pain, redness, swelling etc. It may also cause other irritating problems like headache, dry mouth, nausea, vision problems, symptoms like flu, trouble during swallowing or speaking etc.

Dermal Fillers/ Soft Fillers

As people age, they lose the fullness around the face especially around the eyes, mouth, cheeks and the jaw line. Dermal fillers or soft fillers are the substances injected beneath the skin and they add volume to it. They add fullness and plump to the injected area.

They are basically temporary anti-aging treatments that can treat the wrinkles, add plump to the face, soften the facial creases and treat the old scars for removal. Substances used in such treatments include Calcium hydroxylapatite, Hyaluronic acid, Polyalkylimide, Polylactic acid etc.

They can cause certain problems like redness, skin rashes, undesirable appearance of the skin, lumps etc. They may also cause bruises and wounds on the skin. A major drawback is that one can feel the presence of the filler substance in the injected area. Other problems include other skin irritation problems.

Using Collagen Stimulators

With time and age, natural collagen of the skin is lessened that may cause unpleasant lines and creases on the skin. So, Collagen stimulators are used to boost up the production of natural collagen in the skin so that it may look fuller than before.

Chemical Peels


A chemical solution is used in such treatments. Such chemical substances may be used on the face, neck and hands to improve the condition of aged skin and to exfoliate its outer layer. This peeling treatment heals the skin, treats the lines around the mouth and the eyes, reduces wrinkles, removes age scars and spots, corrects the texture of the skin and improves the overall tone of the skin.

Peeling treatments fall into three categories:

Lunchtime or Superficial Peel

Alpha hydroxy acid or other mild acids are used in such peels and they treat the skin well. They are best for the people who have never gone through such chemical treatments.

Medium Peel

Trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid are used in such peels. They help to heal the skin through treating age spots, fine lines and wrinkles etc.


Deep Peels

It penetrates into the skin and helps diminish fine lines, freckles, shallow scars and wrinkles etc.