Body contouring is a cosmetic operation that should only be carried out after careful consideration and awareness of the risks involved for the patient. The patient may need a body contouring procedure or any other procedure that falls under the category of body contouring if any of the following apply.

  • Fat deposits: the body’s unevenly distributed fat deposits on areas like the thighs, stomach, arms, etc.
  • Postpartum: Most women gain extra weight in the buttocks and belly after giving birth. Women might therefore seek out body contouring or any other form of reshaping that will offer them a pleasing appearance.
  • Obese individuals: When obese or overweight individuals lose weight, their entire body seems slack and sagging. They can get the finest cosmetic results by getting a lower body lift or body contouring.

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Complications and Risks

  • Blood clotting: A very uncommon complication during the procedure is the development of blood clots in the legs that spread to the lungs and heart. In order to stop it from spreading after surgery, anticoagulant medications can be utilized.
  • Asymmetrical appearance: There is a possibility that the surgically treated areas won’t appear uniformly symmetrical after the procedure. Therefore, a second or revision operation may be necessary.
  • Bleeding: The surgeon takes great care not to harm any other healthy organs while performing surgery on the stated bodily parts. However, there is a danger that the blood vessels in the area will unintentionally be hurt. Surgery-related bleeding could result from this. By closing the blood arteries with the tiniest bit of electrical current or some kind of chemical, bleeding can be stopped. Due to the extensive blood supply and numerous blood veins in the abdomen, these issues may be more prevalent in patients who have undergone abdominoplasty.
  • Anesthesia risk: Although an allergic reaction to the anesthetic substance used during surgery only rarely occurs, it can be avoided by testing a variety of anesthetics beforehand.
  • Scarring: A minor consequence is scars that appear irritated and itchy.
  • Infrequent risks: Because body contouring patients are often young adults, heart attacks and infections are relatively uncommon causes of death.