BTX treatments are often used to alleviate deep creases, wrinkles, and fine lines on the upper face as we age. BTX, however, has also been included in jaw reduction treatment, with patients claiming a significantly better look that softens prominent jawlines, leading to a more feminine appearance. This procedure is highly popular among Asian communities, as well as persons who grind their teeth and have bigger jaw muscles (masseter muscle).

What are BTX Treatments?

BTX is a protein that inhibits muscle spasms momentarily by influencing the neuromuscular junction (the junction between nerves and muscles). The effect of BTX is connected to its muscle relaxant function. During BTX treatment, injections address the masseter muscle, which is responsible for the size and form of the jaw.

BTX has mostly been used in facial expression creases treatment and neck wrinkles in cosmetic medicine. This has been utilized in cosmetic medicine for approximately a decade.

It can also be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), prevent headaches of nasal origin, and improve the jaw by addressing the function of the masseter muscles.

Principles Of Jaw Reduction Using BTX

BTX treatments can be used to decrease jaw size for men and women who believe their jaws are “too broad” or “too square.” This condition is also known as hypertrophy of the mandibular raising muscles (masseter muscles).

It is commonly utilized in local injections to minimize the appearance of expression lines by causing a reduction in specific muscle contractions. BTX is used to improve the bottom portion of the face as a component of therapy for masseter muscle hypertrophy in the jaw.

BTX likewise lowers the masticatory muscles volume (particularly the masseter muscles) by decreasing contractions of the targeted muscles while maintaining their primary function.

Effects of BTX on the Jaw Shape

BTX treatments narrow the jaw and enhance the lower half of the face. The outcome of a jaw reduction will differ between men and women since the objective is to reconstruct the oval face shape in an artistic and harmonious manner.

For men:

The jaw on a man’s face is naturally broader and has a square form. The jawline normally drops from the ear and then angles sharply to the chin.

In certain males, hypertrophy of the raising masseter and mandible muscles results in a jaw that is excessively square and out of proportion with the rest of the face.

For women:

The jaw of a woman’s face normally has a gentler slope from the earlobe to the chin. When the curvature is not gentle enough, it gives them the impression that they are too “masculine.”

Jaw BTX is especially advised for Asian women who have an excess of muscular volume in the masseter muscles.

Even though jaw reduction is frequently referred to as “feminization,” the purpose of the procedure is to restore overall facial symmetry.

What are the Benefits of Jaw BTX?

The following are the advantages of Jaw BTX Treatments

Reduces Teeth Grinding

Mouthguards and lifestyle adjustments are commonly used to treat teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. BTX might be more beneficial if you’re experiencing severe bruxism.

Reduces Symptoms of TMD

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), such as the masseter muscle, helps in chewing. A hinge joins your inferior jawbone to the skull.

Temporomandibular joint disorder describes an issue with your TMJ (TMD). It is frequently associated with masseter discomfort and bruxism.

BTX injections into the masseter could relax the muscle and assist in alleviating TMJ symptoms.

Slims Your Face Shape

The masseter muscles may form the face into a square. If you wish to slim down your face, Jaw BTX might be an alternative.

Duration Of The Results

The effects of the initial therapy last for roughly 3-4 months. The results of the following procedures will be noticeable for a longer length of time, generally between 6 and 9 months. After 12 months, the jaw progressively returns to its original look, so maintenance treatments are needed.