Careprost is an eye drop that contains the generic solution Bimatoprost. Doctors will recommend using this medicine when you have glaucoma or high blood pressure in the eyes. 

Having high blood pressure in the eyes is not that uncommon. If are staring at your laptop, TV, or smartphone screens for a long time then you may develop chances of ocular hypertension which is the other name for the disorder.

Careprost manufacturers and patent rights owners Sun Pharmaceuticals is one the largest pharmaceutical research and medicinal substance manufacturing companies in the world. Due to its wide distribution network, you can buy this ophthalmic solution from both online websites as well as from local medicine shops. 

To avoid such problems we recommend you to visit a doctor and to get Careprost recommended from your doctors. 


In this article, we are going to find out about how to buy Careprost easily and then find out about some more general information about Careprost

Let’s begin…

Is buying Careprost online possible?

Yes, your wish for Careprost buy is now possible online. Many websites are selling it. Buying online is considered hassle-free. Some users always like to shop for Careprost online due to its wide benefits and ease of buying.

When you check out for Careprost online you can in an instant find out the online sellers who are providing the medicine. You can even compare discounts, offers, shipping rates, as well as the time of shipping and then find out the best deal. 

You see when it comes to buying online you will have to scan and upload a copy of the original doctor’s prescription on the website. Buying Careprost is possible but it is not all about prices. Most of the times customers are just wondering about cheaper prices. 

But the price is the sole determining factor. 

You will have to wonder about the other things as well and when buying online being able to trust and buy from an authentic and genuine manufacturer is often the biggest challenge. 

So consider the safety of online buying and look for the credibility of your online seller. First, establish your mindset, and only when you are satisfied compare deals and then finally choose a handsome deal.  

What to check for when buying Careprost from a local medicine shop?

The other option for Careprost buy is to approach a local medicine shop. You can always have it from your nearby medicine shop only thanks to the strong distribution network of Sun Pharmaceuticals that it is available in the local pharmacy stores all across India and the world. 

So when you are buying Careprost from a local medicine shop remember to carry your prescription. 

Retailers will be reluctant in providing you with this medicine unless you provide valid proof of authenticity for using the eye drops. 

Also, before paying you to need to check out the expiry dates of the medicine. Also, check for the dosage. It is highly important to only buy the dose that the doctors have recommended to you. Buying an unnecessary higher dose can cause problems of overdose which may lead you to side effects. 

Of course, the other thing is to check for the discounts. 

Last but not the least, you must not forget to check for the composition of the pills that should contain as much as 0.03% of generic substance Bimatoprost in it. 

What is Careprost?

Now that you know how to buy Careprost safely let us give an idea of what Careprost is for those who do not know about it yet. 

You see this is an ophthalmic solution of eye drops that you need to use for curing cases of ocular hypertension or glaucoma. This is a disease that needs proper treatment. An unnecessary delay in getting a proper cure may lead to several problems such as low vision, and even a decrease in eyesight clarity. Sometimes the worst possible consequence is a complete loss of eyesight. 

Knowing about the uses of Careprost

Careprost is the medicine that is going to get cure ocular hypertension. Depending on what the severity level is or how you can suit it doctors may recommend the use of a certain number of drops on both eyes for a specific number of sets during the day. 

Maker is sure to form a habit of using Careprost daily at regular time intervals and for a timely habit of taking in the drops. 

Remember that if you keep on missing your doses or if you suddenly discontinue then it may lead to ocular hypertension coming back again. 

We recommend that you check for two things from the doctors. One is the number of drops that you have to administer on each eye, and the other one is the number of such repetitions that you are to do during the whole day. 

How to use Careprost

First, wash your eyes and wipe them using a clean cloth. 

Then apply the drops as told above. Settle down for a few minutes and let the drops get absorbed to some extent in your eyes. Do not wink too much. Also, we recommend you to not use your contact lenses for at least 20 to 30 minutes ost applying your eye drops. 

Precautions to maintain while using Careprost

Well, the basic precaution is to always stick to your dose. Do not allow more drops or excessive use as this may bring in the actions of side effects. We recommend you to ensure telling the doctors about any other eye problems that are already existing. 

We also do not recommend patients to immediately drive a car post administration of the eye drops since they may have blurred vision at least for 15 to 20 minutes. Driving under such conditions increases the chances of an accident while driving.