Massage therapy is all in vogue now, be it for any office goer or the homemaker. It arouses feelings of care, comfort, and ease. It no longer is a luxury which you can attain only at spas and salons. Many scientific studies have proven that massage therapies can cure innumerable clinical problems.  So much so that, a number of corporate companies today offer generous insurances for having a “relaxation trip” to the physiotherapy clinics.

Massage therapy is not just for de-stressing yourself. It has got countless benefits.

What is massage therapy?

Our body is composed of soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and connective tissues that become stiff over a period of time. So there are different types of massages that help release this stiffness and help us perform at our optimal levels.

Benefits of Massage therapy

  1. Reduces Stress: Stress leads to a wide range of problems like headaches, weight gain, depression, etc. Regular massages can stimulate energy levels, decrease body pain, and elevate your emotional moods. It helps fight psychological problems like anxiety, tension, and a lot more.


  1. Lowers blood pressure: Studies have proven that having orderly massage sessions reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure, diminish the cortisol levels and reduces the risks of stroke, heart attack, and many other ailments.


  1. Posture improvement: A majority of the population do not sit in proper postures mainly due to long hour desk jobs and the use of electronic gadgets. This can lead to grave problems such as chronic back pain, stiffness in the neck area, spasms, tense muscles, etc. So one of the main advantages of massage therapy is to improve your posture to a great extent while safeguarding you from any bodily pain.


  1. Improves your immune system: Massage therapy has the power to induce sleep and reduce stress, and this combination has a direct positive impact on our immune system. Strengthening your immune system keeps a bundle of diseases at bay and boosts your performances and lifestyle.


  1. It is Relaxing: Scientifically, massages focus on trigger points resulting in the reduction of bad hormones and improved body circulation. Your whole body becomes relaxed and psychologically, you are at ease. Your mood is certainly improved. So it is this magical and powerful impact massage therapy has on everyone.

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