Wearing hearing aids for the first time can be a challenging experience for some people. There are also all the new sounds and stimuli that your brain has forgotten over the last few years. Make use of the expertise of your audiologist in Singapore between appointments if you have any concerns or questions about how to use your hearing aids properly.

When you get new hearing aids, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Be informed about your prescription meds.

Patients sometimes do not inquire about the possible side effects of their medications, which can be harmful to their hearing impairment. Be an informed patient. Be sure to weigh the potential benefits and risks of taking meds against the potential harm it could do to your hearing. Aside from that, find out if there is an alternative medication.

Don’t ever put anything in your ears.

Removing ear wax is risky because of the ear’s delicate nature. In general, do not put anything in your ears unless it is safely done by your audiologist in Singapore using medical tools. To use cotton swabs, use them on the outer portion of your ear, not the ear canal.

Keep tabs on your immunisations.

Several illnesses have the potential to impair hearing. Immunisations are the best defence against these diseases, so everyone, regardless of age, should make sure they are up to date on their shots. Keeping tabs on your immunisations can also let you save money on hearing aid batteries because of your situational awareness.

Take proper precautions during physical activity.

Hearing damage can also be caused by an accident. Many accidents are avoidable by common sense and proper safety gear. Scuba divers should take extra care to protect their ears and bodies by wearing earplugs and using seat belts in their vehicles and while riding their bikes or skateboarding.For an accurate ear impression in Singapore, check out The Hearing Solution Group today!