New about LASIK is, perhaps it’s about time you find out! LASIK is a super popular type of eye refractive surgery. It is popular because it is a relatively safe and anexcellent alternative for all of you who don’t want to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore! It is a type of surgery that helps correct your vision quality. It uses two types of laser, a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser to help reshape your cornea.

In this article below, you’re going to find questions about LASIK surgery in Singapore that are so commonly asked by many people. Our hope is to help you get a better understanding of what LASIK is, the benefits of LASIK, and whether you should opt for a LASIK surgery or not. Obviously, these 10 answers won’t be enough to give you all the information you will need to decide on your LASIK surgery. But, we are certain that these discussions will be a great start.

Is it worth it to do LASIK over 50?

While technically there is no age limit for a LASIK surgery, usually patients who undergone LASIK surgery falls under the range of 18 years old to 50 years old. This range is set based on the natural changes of the eyes that happen from childhood to early adulthood. Meanwhile, the upper limit of 50 years old is set based on the natural decline in health and vision quality, and the onset of cataract starting at around 50 years old and above.

However, having said that, the benefits of LASIK are still available even for those who do a LASIK surgery when they are already over 50 years old. For example, for patients who had undergone cataract surgery, but yet are unable to achieve a good vision, LASIK maybe be able to still help improve vision quality and help achieve the best vision possible, even after their cataract surgery.

How much does LASIK cost in Singapore? Does the cost depend on my eye degree?

The cost of LASIK surgery in Singapore is usually around $3500-$4500. The cost usually depend on the pre-operation and post-operation facilities that are included in your LASIK treatment. The services provided in the evaluation stage, consultation stage, recovery stage, as well as the tools used in the LASIK surgery will determine the cost of your LASIK surgery in Singapore.

Can I use the LASIK evaluation result of one clinic to go for LASIK surgery on another clinic?

No, you can’t. This doesn’t mean that the results are not reliable, but they are catered to be an evaluation test that is specific for the procedure, technology and tools used in that particular clinic. Some clinics might use similar technologies and tools, but chances are every clinic has their own particular set of procedures that they follow. Your evaluation result in one clinic is catered to that one clinic, and not for the others. Therefore, you will need to redo your evaluation if you decide to go to another clinic.