04 Aug 2021

4 Benefits of Using Lip Balm Daily 

It’s an undeniable beauty basic – never leave your home without applying lip balm. However, while you may have heard this maxim hundreds of times in your life, it does nothing to explain why you should make lip balm a can’t-miss part of your daily beauty routine….


Applications of a Heated Centrifuge 

There are times when heat plays a crucial role in testing liquid samples. Hence, instead of a regular centrifuge, laboratories and diagnostic centres choose to use a heated centrifuge. In terms of function, a heated centrifuge works in the same manner as a regular centrifuge,…


How to Cure Heartburn Naturally 

Do you have heartburn and you want to learn what is it? There are many who suffer from heartburn that do not realize what heartburn is. Heartburn is a very painful condition and can actually cause heart damage if left untreated. Below are some tips…