5 Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids | Hearing Test | CVH Audiology

  • Gradual cognitive decline: Hearing loss left untreated can lead to dementia and other concomitant cognitive debilities. This is why it’s important to wear hearing aids. Studies have suggested that impaired hearing can actually hasten the degeneration of auditory areas in the brain, making it an uphill battle. hearing aids harrisonburg va are known to decrease atrophy while simultaneously improving one’s hearing. It also helps in slowing or eliminating the decline of cognitive abilities that are commonly associated with hearing loss.
  • The overall quality of health: If you were to conduct a research study, you’ll find that most people with hearing aids will attest to the fact that it’s made their life better. It also improves the mental health of the patient by reducing stress and contributing to sound sleep, as opposed to non-users. Hearing can adversely affect your brain as well. Depression, gloominess, and dependency are common symptoms of hearing loss, which can worsen if left untreated. In a nutshell, people with hearing aids are better prepared to fend for themselves.
  • Getting tested is easy: You can avail free services in certain clinics, while other reputed medical staff from Audiology Centre West provide screening tests for both adults and children. This may entail sitting in an enclosed booth, wearing headphones and going through a series of tests that could last for about fifteen minutes to half-hour. The tests may include a sequence of sentences with background sounds in order to determine the quality of hearing. Based on these tests, the audiologist will draw a definite conclusion. The test will assess if your hearing is below average. If it does indeed prove that your hearing is low, you will become a candidate for hearing aids. 
  • Hassle-free and low maintenance: Hearing aids run on batteries and like all batteries, it needs replacing. Initially, any Foreign object on the skin may cause irritation but eventually, you’ll get used to it. It requires the same amount of discipline as, say, wearing a pair of glasses? 
  • Social life: Any health ailment has psychological ripple effects on families and friends. Hearing aids definitely help in improving the quality of one’s social life. It’s also useful on the job as they can work hand in hand with other colleagues, without getting left behind. 

The only thing you’ll end up regretting is that you don’t get them soon enough. Early treatment is of paramount importance.