Every relationship faces its own set of challenges that threaten to break it apart. Life has a way of morphing into a rollercoaster, making everyone go through their ups and downs. And often, the rough patches in one’s life can have far-reaching effects, extending to one’s relationships. The connections that one makes with other people are fragile – easily breakable if not taken care of or nurtured. No relationship becomes strong from the get-go; it takes work, commitment, and endurance to strengthen it against many of life’s trials.

The connections you make throughout your life are one of the greatest gifts you could receive. Our ability to show compassion makes us human, and the feeling of being loved makes us complete. Losing someone you love because of a broken bond has the potential to break you, but you can still save yourself from that ordeal. By putting your best efforts into the relationship, you can stand against the obstacles life throws at you and come out stronger with your loved one. We have listed down some tips to help you heal your relationship if you and your partner are going through a tough time.

  1. Heal yourself first

Work on healing yourself first to heal your relationship; a healthy relationship depends on the well-being of the people involved. You can’t hold a relationship together if you already struggle with yourself. If you find it difficult to cope with your personal life, you may find it hard to juggle your romantic life or social relationships alongside it. Therefore, it is best to seek help and become better yourself before the shards of your vulnerability can move on to break the fraying thread of your bond.

Consider using self-help programs or services such as the emotion code to heal yourself. The course will help you let out your emotions, alleviate the pain or discomfort you are going through, and bridge the gap in your relationships.

  1. Stay Committed

It is normal to have doubts while going through a hard time in your relationship. However, giving up on making it better and hoping that the relationship will overcome this on its own can become the very reason why it would not. You may be struggling to put the fallen pieces of your relationship back together, but that does not mean you cannot do so. With the right amount of commitment, tenacity, and effort, you can save the bond you cherish. You only have to make sure you don’t give up on the relationship when it feels like the easier choice.

  1. Communicate

Try not to wait for the silence to run its course. The persistence of silence can lead to the relationship falling apart. When it becomes hard to communicate with the other person, it only seems logical to turn one’s back on the relationship. You can’t stay in a relationship where it is difficult to express your feelings and communicate with one of the only people supposed to understand you.

Talk and listen to your partner, and have real conversations with them. Expressing what you want and how you feel is essential to fulfilling the needs of the people in the relationship. Give the other person space to convey their intentions and clarify their point of view. You can resolve so many conflicts in a relationship through effective communication.

  1. Have regular dates

Maybe your relationship needs some romantic attention to bring you closer to your partner. Set regular date nights or fun hangouts to remind your partner they will always be worth your time. Sometimes spending some quality time with your partner can be enough to save your relationship. This is because it reignites the memory of the fun you used to have before hitting your rough patch. It reminds you why you love them, why you are with them, and why this relationship is worth saving.

  1. Learn to give space when needed

At times, your partner can come to feel suffocated in the relationship. Healthy relationships consist of people who complement each other and adapt to each other’s changes in life, habits, and personality. However, coexisting does not mean you don’t exist outside of the relationship. Everyone has their own identity, but spending such a long time depending on another person and thinking for “two” instead of “one” can make one feel like their identity is no longer their own.

Try giving your partner space to maintain the personal and romantic life balance. Understand the need for your partner to have their alone time, a day out with their friends and family, and some space to do the things they enjoy.

  1. Seek professional help

Sometimes, it can be hard to heal your relationship without seeking outside help. When there is a lot of emotional baggage between two people, it can be hard to sift through it. Your futile attempts at mending the relationship may make you feel like you can’t say or do the right thing without causing any further damage. One of the best ways to overcome this is to seek professional help or guidance. Consider going through counseling or couples therapy to solve the problems you are facing with your partner. A counselor or therapist can provide you with ways to work on your relationship and heal the bond.


Healing your relationship can be challenging, and at times, you may feel like it is impossible. To heal a relationship, both partners need to commit and put in efforts to make it work. If you are the only one trying to improve things, your efforts might be futile.

Relationships are not how romance movies may portray. Conflicts and rough patches are not unusual, and even the strongest relationships have to bear arms against them from time to time. However, if you follow our tips and remind yourself of what matters, reconciliation may not be as difficult.