The benefits of massage therapy include the reduction of pain and strain on the muscles. Therapeutic benefits, such as releasing tension and reducing stress, are enjoyed by many people. While it’s wonderful to be able to visit a massage therapist on a regular basis, not everyone can afford to do so.

With your own massage gun, you can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy at any time in the comfort of your own home, says David Garcia, PT, DPT, OCS.

We’re here to explain what massage guns are, what they do, how to use them, and how we can help.

The Purpose of Massage Guns?

Known as percussive massagers, massage guns deliver short bursts of energy to your muscles. Vibration therapy and rapid-fire pulses are used to target sore muscles.

As a result of vibration therapy, they help reduce muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the targeted area. They can not only reduce it, but also prevent delayed onset of muscle soreness. The use of massage guns reduces lactic acid, another common reason for athletic pain.

A massage gun can be used for: According to David Garcia:

  • Improving circulation
  • Improving mobility
  • Blood flow to specific body parts is increased
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Reduced need for in-person massage therapy
  • Stress recovery
  • Tight muscles
  • Workout recovery

Tips for Using Your Massage Gun

David Garcia says to relax the targeted muscle(s) beforehand in order to get the most benefit from your massage gun. If you need help reaching harder-to-reach areas, you can call on your partner. At first, start slowly and don’t overdo it, so you can find your own comfort level, pace, and intensity.

According to David Garcia, two to three minutes per muscle group are adequate. You’ll be able to reap even greater benefits if you combine stretching with a massage gun.”

It’s normal to experience some muscle soreness after using your massage gun, but if it’s unbearable, stop and take a break. Don’t use it on broken skin or bony parts of your body, and talk to your doctor first if you have conditions like blood clots or if you’re taking blood thinners.

Our Role in Helping

When you need professional help with an injury or chronic pain, we are here at AdventHealth Sports Medicine and Rehab. If you’re interested in investing in a massage gun or other therapeutic tools, several of our Sports Med offices offer these products.