Many men are not aware of the fact that they can get unnaturally large breasts, similar to that of a woman. Due to the presence of excess estrogen, this can cause them to significantly increase in size, something that the majority of men would rather avoid.

The best course of action, should you suspect that you have this condition, is to visit your doctor, who will give you advice on the further course of action. Another option is to seek out male breast reduction Sydney at ICCM, where you will be given a pricelist of services.

About gynecomastia

The most important thing is to not self-diagnose or seek it on the internet. Visiting a licensed doctor is the only valid option. There is a possibility to just wait it out since it can go away without treatment, but if that does not work out, scheduling an appointment is highly advised.Gynecomastia has a negative effect on a man’s physical appearance, hence the possibility of negative effect on mental health.

Visiting a good clinic can help you with your condition


Major swelling of your breasts is the main symptom. Along with that, increased sensitivity is another indicator that you may be suffering from it. Should you experience both of these conditions, there is a high chance that you have gynecomastia.

Diagnosis and treatment

Once the doctor has been informed about your medical history, which includes drug consumption, he will a have good idea about your over health. Afterwards, examinations of your breasts, along with many other tests will further aid him in discovering the severity of your issues.

As we have mention before, gynecomastia can disappear on its own. Holding out until it goes away, could be the first recommendation that your doctor gives out. If this condition has been plaguing you for a while, then he will probably move on to a more hands-on approach.

If you opt for the waiting game, it is still wise to regularly visit your doctor. Monitoring the condition is top priority, as it is important to switch to a more appropriate treatment, should the need for it arise. Communication is they to success here.

Fat breast transfer(women)

A good way to change the size and shape of your breasts, without having to resort to silicone, is via fat breast transfer. Keep in mind that the size which you can achieve directly depends on the amount of fat that you have stored.You can find more information about this procedure at, or you can consult with your local surgeon instead.

You can have the desired breasts with a simple fat transfer augmentation

Final word

Every person deserves to live inside a body that they feel comfortable with. Thankfully, with the many advancements made in modern medicine, achieving your desired look is a very real possibility these days. The most important thing however, is to first consult your doctor, to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as it can.