At Elite Dental and Orthodontics, we understand that many patients feel anxious about dental treatments. We’re here to help, and one way we do that is through the use of oral sedatives—a safe, effective, and convenient solution to enhance your comfort during appointments.

What is Oral Sedation?


Oral sedation involves taking a pill one hour before your dental procedure. This method offers minimal to mild sedation, ensuring you remain conscious throughout.

Customized Strength:

The strength of the sedative is tailored to your weight and size. Your dentist determines the appropriate dosage for your specific dental procedure.

Understanding Sedative Strength

Mild Sedation:

For less intense procedures, you’ll experience relaxation and drowsiness without losing consciousness.

Moderate Sedation:

In more involved procedures, a higher dose may make you feel groggy, possibly leading to brief periods of sleep. Rest assured, your dentist will gently wake you if needed.

When is Oral Sedation Needed?

Anxiety Alleviation:

Oral sedation is ideal for patients already nervous about dental visits. It helps manage genuine fears, especially those related to needles, making you more at ease during your appointment.

Gag Reflex Control:

Oral sedation minimizes the likelihood of an untimely gag reflex, contributing to a smoother dental procedure.

Experience Oral Sedation Dentistry at Elite Dental and Orthodontics

If dental anxiety or a fear of needles troubles you, consider oral sedation dentistry at Elite Dental and Orthodontics. We aim to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for our patients. If you have concerns about your upcoming appointment, inquire about the option of oral sedation with your dentist.

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