Around 31% of men experience difficulty performing in the bedroom. It could be erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or several other types of issues.

No matter your gender identity, sexuality, or relationship status, any man can have sub-par sexual performance. It’s 100% normal but these issues can affect your confidence and intimate relationships.

Lucky for you, there are so many things you can do to improve stamina or treat your sexual health problems. Check out simple sex tips for men for some suggestions to get you started on your journey to better sex.

Communicate With Your Partner

Don’t have any problem rising to the occasion and staying there for more than one minute? Then your sexual performance problems are likely more intimate and psychological.

When your partner isn’t having fun in the bedroom, then it’s unlikely you will enjoy yourself either.

To improve sexual performance, ask your partner what their fantasies are and what they enjoy during sex. And don’t stop asking them! If you touch them a certain way, ask if they like the pressure or the speed.

It can be difficult for some men to be vulnerable, but it is a must to develop a deep and meaningful physical relationship. And the more you show you care about your partner’s needs and the more you can learn, the better your sexual relationship will become.

Exercise and Masturbate More

Is the party often over before it’s started? Moving your body (in more ways than one) could be the key to helping you last longer in bed and improve your sexual performance.

Masturbating a few hours before sexual intercourse can help delay a male orgasm so you can have sex for longer. But it’s important to not masturbate too early beforehand as it may not affect your levels of excitement.

And if you masturbate too soon before having sex, you may not be able to get an erection at all. Practice will make perfect so you can nail the timing.

Male Kegels can also improve your pelvic floor muscles so you have better control over your erections and orgasms.

Seek Medical Advice

Are stress, obesity, or erectile dysfunction the reasons why you are having sexual performance problems? See your doctor. They may be able to offer advice or medication to treat your issue.

But some natural treatments can ease these issues, too. For example, if obesity is your main issue then you could try the Mediterranean diet to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Improve Sexual Performance Today

There are so many issues that can cause sexual performance problems. Something that will help one person may not help you. But there are so many treatments and ways to improve your sex life that you are bound to find something that works.

Keep trying different treatments and exercises and you will be having great sex again in no time.

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