Did you know that boys are more likely to be identified with autism than girls in the United States, with 1 in 27 boys and 1 in 116 girls identified with the disorder? It seems like no one had even heard of autism a couple of decades ago, and now it’s taken the world over by storm.

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with autism, you must be wondering how to treat autism safely and naturally at home. This is because, at this point, there is no medical cure for autism. Keep reading as we share some useful autism treatments with you.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

You can get a dog or a cat (or some other pet) as an emotional support animal. An autistic child will feel soothed by their presence and this can help them calm down, relax, and sleep better. The emotional support animal can also help the autistic child play in a non-threatening manner.

Nutritional Supplements

Children with autism can be picky eaters. That’s why giving them a specialized diet with multivitamins and a recommended daily allowance of nutrients helps maintain their optimal health.

Adding these nutritional supplements can be helpful:

  • Melatonin to help with sleep issues or insomnia
  • Fish oil supplements to help with hyperactivity
  • Vitamin B12 for behavioral issues
  • Probiotics for gastrointestinal issues

The thing with autism treatments is that every child with autism is so different from another. That’s why you have to try each supplement or treatment for your child and see how it affects them.

If it works for them, keep doing it. If it doesn’t, try something else.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy

This therapy uses the idea that learning when implemented at an individual level can reduce problem behaviors and increase appropriate and wanted behaviors. If you wish to learn more about it, check out aparaautism.com.

Mind-Body Therapies Like Yoga

Mind-body therapies like yoga, taichi, reiki, acupuncture, and more, can help with a wide variety of problem behaviors in autistic children. This is because they teach the child self-calming tools, which over time can lead to improved daily living skills. Each child will have differences in the kind of mind-body therapy they prefer.

Sensory Therapies Like Weighted Vests

If your autistic child is overresponsive or unresponsive to sounds, lights, and touch, then sensory therapies can be a great addition to their life. Weighted vests, sessions with a licensed therapist, or sensory ‘diets’ are all recommended.

How to Treat Autism – Perform Trials

Since autism has become more well-known in the media, there are so many new treatment options popping up all the time. Allow your autistic child to try these new therapies to see which ones work for him/her and which don’t.

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