Oral surgery is a field that has seen significant progress in recent years. This is due to the advancements made in technology and procedures. These developments have improved outcomes for patients, but they’ve also revolutionized the practices of oral and maxillofacial surgical specialists. This exhaustive overview will examine several state-of-the-art developments in oral surgery, placing particular emphasis on the pioneering role that Oral Surgery, located at https://santamonicaoms.com, plays in these innovations.

  1. 3D Imaging and Virtual Planning

The use of 3D planning and imaging is one of the most significant advancements for oral surgery. Traditional two-dimensional images need to be more comprehensive to evaluate complex facial features. Cone beam computed imaging (CBCT) allows surgeons, using 3D images, to view the patient’s anatomy in 3 dimensions. This technology is an absolute game changer for procedures such as orthognathic and dental surgery.

Santa Monica Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical (Santa Monica OMS), an innovator in 3D imaging technology, uses it to diagnose and plan treatment. By visualizing patient anatomy in great detail, the surgical team is able to anticipate problems and plan accordingly.

  1. Computer-Aided 3D Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Oral surgeons are now able to perform more complex procedures thanks to 3D printing and Computer-aided Design (CAD). CAD allows for the exact design of surgical instruments and custom implants. Meanwhile, 3D printers allow fabrication with unmatched accuracy.

Santa Monica OMS has adopted this technology so that patients can receive personalized treatment. These technological advancements improve surgical precision and minimize discomfort, whether they are creating a surgical plan for dental implant placement or customizing jaw reconstruction implants.

  1. Minimum Invasive Techniques

Oral surgery is a field that has focused on minimally invasive technique advancements. Minimally invasive procedures are less traumatic to surrounding tissues and scarring. They also speed up the recovery process. Santa Monica OMS leads the way in adopting this approach to benefit patients.

The use of endoscopic procedures allows surgeons and dentists to reach and treat conditions that are located in the oral cavity or throat with small cuts, reducing their need for traditional open surgery. This method is useful for treating certain conditions, such as sleep apnea or salivary problems.

  1. Platelet-Rich Plasma & Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) or platelet-rich fibrin are two biological materials that have a high concentration of growth factors. These substances gained popularity in the field of oral surgery due to their ability to accelerate healing and reduce postoperative complications.

Santa Monica OMS incorporates both PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) into its surgical techniques to increase tissue regeneration and encourage faster recovery. This innovative approach allows patients to experience less discomfort and swelling while achieving optimal outcomes.

  1. Telemedicine & Virtual Consultations

Santa Monica OMS has taken advantage of virtual consultations, which are a convenient and easy way to enhance patient accessibility. Patients can now have remote consultations with their doctors for initial evaluations, treatment planning, and follow-up appointments. This technology has a special value for patients with mobility difficulties or who live a long way from the clinic.

  1. Advanced Anesthesia and Sedation Techniques

It is important to ensure that the safety and comfort of your patients are maintained during any oral surgery. Modern anesthesia, sedation, and pain control techniques allow oral surgeons more effective pain relief and less anxiety for patients.

Santa Monica OMS offers the most modern anesthesia protocol, including IV sedation as well as general anesthesia. We ensure that our patients are relaxed, comfortable, and at ease throughout their procedure. This level reduces anxiety in patients and ensures a positive procedure.