Have you ever imagined improving your healthcare? With Phosphorus, your problem is covered. Phosphorus has a mission to improve health care through genetic testing and discovering some of the technical, healthcare, and social limitations that prevent people from accessing technology with the ability to enhance their livelihoods. The company has provided individuals with medications that control some of the issues originating from genetics. The company has a DNA platform that encourages people to take genetic tests, thus seeking remedy earlier before getting sick.

The tests are conducted using saliva samples sent to the laboratory, and later, diseases caused by genetic genes are detected. The earlier treatment is done in a healthcare facility. Phosphorus has enabled inherited diseases to be discovered early, thus giving patients a chance to seek treatment before the infections are in the advanced stages. The company has a team of scientists who use genomics to improve healthcare, which has enabled many people to live healthier lives.

Services That Phosphorus Offers

The company uses DNA testing as preventive medicine that transforms healthcare. Phosphorus Genomics helps clients stay healthy and enables them to understand their genetic risks for some diseases, thus taking preventative action. The company also offers a platform for genetic evaluation that helps healthcare providers develop a preventive genomics solution to all patients. The genetic analysis is done following medical guidelines. Patients are also offered expensive tests if diagnosed with heart diseases and cancer. This doing helps them to get proper medications that reduce the effects of the disease. The company’s tests are done using the newest technology that detects all genetic diseases that the patient is at a high risk of contracting. Phosphorus provides the most actionable and comprehensive tests for your health.

Phosphorus’ Target in the Market

The company’s biggest target is healthcare providers ranging from large healthcare providers to individual physician’s practices. The aim is to help them be able to offer to test to their patients. The company has PhosphorusONE test that individuals can purchase from their website, which means that anyone who wishes to carry out a test at the comfort of their home can do so. Phosphorus provides software licenses and technology that enables large healthcare providers to deploy it in their laboratory facilities.

Phosphorus Plans for Achievement

For the last one year, Phosphorus has bought some laboratory partners, and there is a plan to double the number of institutions that offer genetic healthcare. By doing this, the company will be able to access many regions, thus covering many people. The company is expected to launch a partnership with major health systems by the end of 2020.

What Makes Phosphorus Different?

Phosphorus Diagnostics standards of testing are so much different from other companies offering the same services. Most of the U.S. companies function as standard citation labs and always wait for referrals from physicians. Medical procedures that control physicians’ referrals are obsolete; thus, many physicians order tests to be carried out when patients show signs and symptoms. This approach is not the case with Phosphorus; the company conducts tests even before the patient shows symptoms, thus enabling him or her to seek early treatment.

The Phosphorus business model aims to engage and educate specialists and patients to possess unswerving access to testing, which will enable more people to find testing services, thus improving their health. The company has committed staff working as a team whose focus is to win customers’ trust, which has enabled the company to move to greater heights.

Phosphorus has developed one of the most comprehensive medical genetic tests which detect genetic mutations, drug responses, and monogenic diseases. This development has provided experts with guidance for intervention, thus offering the best treatment for patients. The company has long-term partnerships launched to provide health programs. It has ensured that genetics testing is available and can be easily accessed, leading to disease prevention and a stable healthcare system.