The RVB LAB cosmetics line offers a full range of cosmetics items with appealing surfaces and popular colors. Their skincare products stem from the core of their research institutes: the front line dermo-cosmetics that result from subatomic biotechnology.

Furthermore, RVB LAB creates innovative hair items that respond to the basic requirements of style, care, and finish of every woman. RVB Skinlab is the home of the Diego Dalla Palma group, a dermo-cosmetic company with 60 years of experience, and Diego from Palma Milano, a brand known for its style and expertise. Innovativeness, polish, and logical precision: these are the motivating assets of Diego Dalla Palma.

What is the RVB Light active foundation?

The RVB Fondotinta leggero attivi is suitable for all skin types. This foundation is lightweight, perfect for testing out the tone and illuminating the face.  The recipe for defensive cosmetics is advanced with cancer prevention and cell defenders, just as natural defenders. These cosmetics are for those with dynamic lifestyles. A perfect match finish is achieved through concealing self-changes with match complexion.

A cream establishment with high inclusion and assurance from the components. Second-skin impact comfort and a normal and brilliant finish. Suitable for all skin types.

Pomegranate and Centella Asiatica sterols are added as defensive and antiaging ingredients. In order to achieve a perfect match finish, Conceal adapts to your skin tone.


Activ Light’s innovation uses spherical pigments that allow a new level of skin toning and wonderful skin resurfacing. Due to its saturating and mellowing properties, Mallow Extract ensures long-lasting comfort, while Blue Lotus Flower Extract, with its antioxidant and anti-kink properties, results in skin that is smooth and homogeneous.

Make-up tips.

Shake for a long time before using. Put a small amount of product on the back of your hand and apply with delicate touches starting at the center and working outwards, mixing well along the hairline.

Go from the jaw to the base of the neck, so that there are no unaesthetic shading contrasts. To achieve a flawless finish, use Pupa’s Professional Brush line of items and apply them from the focal point of the face to the shapes, blending down from the temple to the jawline.

RVB LAB’s products are considered.

  • According to Annex II of the European guideline 1223/2009, no heavy metals (nickel, lead, chromium, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium) have been recalled as fixings for items.
  • There will be no gluten-containing items or subordinates, as a precaution for those with celiac disease or gluten awareness.
  • Shines in the “no 5” line do not contain potentially destructive substances such as formaldehyde and also do not contain pitches, toluene, camphor, or phthalates (DIBUTYL PHTHALATE or DBP).
  • According to the current European guidelines, neither the results nor their models are tested on animals.

Beauty is the result of teamwork.

The Diego Dalla Palma assemble comprises RVB Skinlab, a dermo-cosmetic research company with 60 years of experience, and Diego Dalla Palma Milano, a brand known for its style and expertise. The qualities that move all Diego Dalla Palma excellence items are creativity, elegance and logical accuracy.