Emmanuelle Blanche is an impressive woman. When you meet her for the first time, you hear the French accent and see a petite, stylish, well-polished woman. And then she starts telling her life story and you realize she is much more than her beautiful refined appearance. Her story is one of hard work, determination and accomplishment.

She lived all over France but at the height of her career in fashion, she was living in Paris. She indulged in everything the city has to offer: cafés, restaurants, bars, nightlife and fashion. Emmanuelle’s pace of life was hectic: she worked 18-hour days at times, yet was out evenings and weekends enjoying life to its fullest. She enjoyed getting weekly skin and body treatments, such as PalperRouler, after long runs along La Seine and the Eiffel Tower. Emmanuelle still appreciated and took the time to treat herself, something she thinks Americans don’t do enough of.

And just like in the movies, Emmanuelle met a handsome French man who lived in LA. She did the long-distance relationship for a while and then finally decided that it was time to leave the chaotic Parisian fashion lifestyle for the city of stars. She closed that door and never looked back.

As she says, LA is not an easy city to move to. The neighborhood cafés don’t have the same European vibe. The people are harder to connect with: having conversations with strangers is rare. She tried to find things that reminded her of home to bring her some comfort. Emmanuelle went on the hunt for a PalperRouler massage, a popular signature French « massage (that) consists of several maneuvers with the best known, being to form a fold with the fingers, rolling it to break adhesions between adipose cells underneath the skin and the skin itself, enabling their elimination.» She couldn’t find a place that properly performed the massage… so she decided to open her own massage therapy studio and offer the service.

Emmanuelle Blanche and her wellness partner Milla Rivera, Yoga and Pilates Coach.
Emmanuelle Blanche and her wellness partner Milla Rivera, Yoga and Pilates Coach.


This was four years ago. Since then, she has put her full confidence in the team of therapists that she recruited and trained to perform the authentic PalperRouler technique and offer the best level of care there is. She also built a strong clientele in the Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Hollywood area. Clients range from celebrities to French people longing for their home country finding comfort in this cute little studio. She also has a lot of post-op patients who come to recover with lymphatic massages. This last year was hard for Emmanuelle, as the spa was closed for most of the year due to the pandemic. In the short periods when she was able to open, she was quickly fully booked and her loyal clients were delighted to be back. But in the end, Covid won the battle and the spa is now closed.

From a brief conversation with Emmanuelle, you can tell right away that every service offered at her studio had a deeper purpose and meaning than just to reduce your waist line (as a lot of other spas advertise when promoting lymphatic massages) or decrease cellulite. She is a big advocate of wellness as a whole, meaning that to have a healthy body and reap the benefits of this type of treatment, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Good meaningful connections, stress-free living, healthy eating, sleeping, drinking water, meditation (however you like to do it)… it’s basically a big equation with a lot of moving parts.

While the pandemic affected her spa, it didn’t stop her from achieving new goals and deepening her knowledge of health and wellness. Emmanuelle completed an integrative nutrition course and used these newly acquired skills to launch a brand-new project; Eating for Beauty. The new ventures recently launched in France and should be available to the English-speaking market later this year. Eating for Beauty offers a variety of eBooks and nutrition programs to support overall wellness and to achieve great skin. People with acne, dry skin, or other skin problems can follow a nutrition program and quickly see their skin condition improving. Eating for Beauty is based on the principle that beauty is an inside job and health starts from within. The new company is also playing with the idea of launching its own skincare line.

Emmanuelle believes in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and her business ventures reflect just that! When she’s not writing her next eBook, Emmanuelle is either in her favorite local restaurant, Gjelina, taking a meditative brisk walk on the beach with Simone (her Boston terrier) or practicing Pilates.