People generally use airtight plastic bags, markers, and even pill bottles to store weed. However, none of these products are right when it comes to proper storage of weed so that the strain doesn’t lose its strength and aroma overtime. If exposed to even slight bit of moisture, your joint will:

  • Get adulterated and lose its strength.
  • Develop a peculiar odor.
  • Will not offer the same high that it did.

So, no matter that you spent a lot of money buying high-quality weed, the money will be a complete waste. Now, the question is what to use to store the joints – even half lit joints – so that they do not catch moisture and stay fresh. Well, if you’re wondering the same thing, then, the answer is using beeswax based pouches like the Hush-Kush bags. The reasons that the products by this brand are the best alternative to plastic bags are listed below. Have a look!

  1. These Pouches are Waterproof

Whether you’re camping in the hills or sitting on a beach, you won’t have to worry about your joint getting exposed to humidity or moisture anymore, because it wont. Besides, when stored in a waterproof hush-Kush pouches, you won’t have to worry about accidental spills too. 

  1. These Pouches are Smell Proof

When stored in smell proof bags, your joint will not lose its natural aroma. The high-quality bags by this brand are specially primed on the inside with beeswax that practically makes the pouches completely odor free.

  1. These Pouches are Lightweight

Lightweight and trendy, these pouches can snugly take a place in the pocket of your jeans or jacket without claiming much space. In other words, they are extremely portable. 

  1. They are Size Customizable

Size customization is one of the rare benefits of high-kush joint pouches that not many brands in the market offer. 

  • You can adjust the width.
  • You can roll them
  • You can fold them

In other words, whether it’s the flower that you have, a joint or a half lit joint, or multiple joints, this pouch can single-handedly be customized to fit all the needs.

  1. They are Washable

Imagine buying a pouch only to discover that it cannot be washed and reused – isn’t that a waste of money? Well, hush-Kush understands this issue; and hence, all their pouches are washable and reusable. Besides, all their products are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly.

You can have a look at their entire range of trendy weed storage pouches here –