Losing a tooth could disturb your quality of life significantly. It could create some difficulty in everyday activities such as speaking and eating. Despite contemporary dental restorative procedures having resulted in a significant reduction in numerous teeth extracted every year, most people would have one or two natural teeth, missing in their mouth. If you were searching for a lifelong and permanent tooth replacement option, consider affordable implants in San Diego

What are dental implants? 

A dental implant would be a fixture embedded in the jawbone. It would replace natural teeth by supporting a prosthesis inclusive of a crown, removable, or fixed denture. After placing the dental implants, the bone formation would occur in the surroundings of the implant. It would result in stability and anchorage of the artificial tooth. 

Functioning of the dental implants 

The success and durability of dental implants would be dependent on their ability to form direct contact with the surrounding jawbone. The process would be called osseointegration. It ensures that the prosthesis placed over the implant would be retained and remains stable. It would restore the optimal functioning of the artificial tooth. 

Should you get an implant? 

If you have one or more natural teeth missing, you would be a candidate for an implant. You should consider getting an implant for the following reasons – 

  • You look forward to having a long-term and durable replacement for your missing natural teeth. 
  • You wish to restore your facial esthetics by replacing your missing teeth. 
  • You look forward to speaking and eating without difficulty. 
  • You wish to get rid of your uncomfortable and inconvenient dentures. 

Dental implants are the next best alternative for your natural teeth. It would be in your best interest to say goodbye to your dentures today. You could enjoy the comfort and convenience of your dental implants by consulting your dentist about the possibility of getting dental implants.