Now, millions of people are feeling depressed and are unable to handle their anxiety. This plays a havoc in their life and can also lead to panic attacks, which affects their mental health. All this happenings can be stopped by simply following certain dos and don’ts.

Here are the dos:

Stay active:

  • You need to continue your daily exercises.
  • Indulge in some hobby as it keeps your mind and physical health fresh.

Eat balanced protein and nutritious rich diet:

  • You need to add green vegetables and food rich with protein in your daily diet. Food ingredients having mineral content and calcium need to be introduced in your daily food.

Have a good restful sleep:

  • This will help you to remain focused when you wake up and give your body ample rest to stay active for many hours.

Enjoy life:

  • You need to do happy things with your loved ones. You can enjoy your holidays and focus on your productive work without feeling any stress. Follow the motto that life is there to enjoy and stay healthy.

Here are the don’ts:

  • Don’t have excessive alcohol or indulge in abusive drugs. The elements psychoactive effects are sure to trigger depressive irritated thoughts.
  • Avoid junk food or processed food. This is because it consists of refined flour, preservatives, sugary content and has fatty ingredients. All these elements are sure to clog your mind and make you feel moody and anxious.
  • Avoid watching television and using your android phone continuously. When you sit in front of your PC for hours, it makes you irritated, strain your eyes and your mind is restless.

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