It’s not easy to admit you need help. That’s why so many people avoid going to therapy.

Shame and societal stigmas keep people from taking steps towards getting the help they need. These people don’t know how to go to therapy without feeling embarrassed or weak. Even those these feelings are far from the truth, these are hurdles they can’t seem to get over, no many how many traditional therapy tips they try to follow

Such people may benefit from online therapy services for more private and personal care. There are numerous benefits to the online therapy route. Read on to learn about five of those benefits.

1. Online Therapy Services Are Effective

Online therapy has been shown to be effective. In fact, one study showed that 57% of patients who underwent online therapy were freed from depression compared to 42% who underwent in-person treatment.

One factor that may contribute to this effectiveness is the accessible record left by these sessions. With documented sessions, along with the email and instant message options, clients can access past conversations with therapists. These serve as reminders of advice and as a means to recollect past information in follow-up appointments

2. Online Therapy Services Are Convenient

Attending therapy is much more convenient when it’s online. Through online therapy, patients are no longer bound by location. There is also a greater amount of flexibility with scheduling, particularly when patients are usually free to send messages in times of need.

3. Online Therapy Services Offer Personalized Treatment

With online therapy, you are more likely to get a therapist according to your specified personal needs. These services often come with questionnaires in which your specific mental health needs are addressed so a therapist can be assigned accordingly. You can also make special requests, such as choosing a male or female therapist.

4. Online Therapy Services Offer Comfort

Several aspects of online therapy make the experience more comfortable. For one thing, you are able to receive therapy in an environment of your choice, whether that means in your home or your office.

Also, if you’re someone who has a hard time putting your emotions into words, you can be much more at ease writing out your emotions and sending them to your therapist when you are comfortable with what you write.

5. Online Therapy Services Respect Privacy

With online therapy, there’s no risk of running into someone you know in the waiting room. Moreover, these services have protective measures in place to keep your information secure. If you want a comforting sense of privacy, online therapy may be the way to go.

If these benefits sound appealing, you may want to look into online therapy. If you want to investigate this option more, or if you need more tips for going to therapy, visit Counseling Solutions at

Get Comfortable and Convenient Online Therapy

If you’re too busy for scheduled sessions, or if you need a comfortable sense of privacy, online therapy services exist to meet those needs. There’s no reason to fear getting help, and these services will prove beneficial in helping you get the mental and emotional treatment you need.

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