Growing cannabis isn’t an easy task. That is why when a beginner decides to grow cannabis, people ask them to go for strains that are easy and faster to harvest. In fact, half of the 420 community recommends that beginners should always start with autoflowering strains. This is because they start flowering within a set number of days with or without 8, 10, or 24 hours of light.

But again, autoflower strains have a smaller yield and can be a lot more fragile.

So, if you are interested in breeding autoflower Cannabis Seeds Claremore visit and here is a list of five strains that you must opt for as a beginner.

1- Blue dream auto:

Blue Dream is one of the best strains for new growers. It’s perfectly balanced Indica and Sativa genetics makes sure to offer an excellently balanced therapeutic high with almost zero head rush. Blue dream is notorious for its relaxation and happiness effects, making it perfect for the first grower.

You can expect around 120 grams (4 Oz) yield within 70 days per seed.

2- Lowryder: 

Well, there is no second thought in saying that Lowryder is for beginners. It is one of the popular autoflowering hybrids that offer ease of use while growing along with a clandestine look. When fully grown, Lowryder clocks in at 40 cm (16 inches)

Lowryder has a short flowering period, meaning you can expect around 4 Oz yields in just 40 days.

3- Blueberry jack:

Blueberry jack is also one of the popular autoflowering hybrids that are well-appreciated among new growers and consumers.

It has a sativa dominant hybrid, meaning you can expect an uplifting high from Blueberry jack’s 12% THC and 1% CBD. The strain is quite easy to grow and offers fairly decent yields in 70 days.

4- Bubba Kush auto:

Bubba Kush auto is a cautiously evolved autoflowering version of a similar strain. One can experience hunger, sleep, and happiness all at the same time by using Bubba Kush auto.

The plant is suitable for indoor growing and can produce a yield of 3 Oz within 60 to 65 days.

 5- White Haze auto:
White Haze auto’s genetics comes from the White haze, the winner of the cannabis cup. This autoflowering version starts flowering at a very early period that is around the 6th week. The plant stands at 35 inches tall and manages to produce 120grams of yields in one go.

Bottom line

The initial stage of growing cannabis is your learning period. So, make sure to keep everything simple by opting for the list of autoflower strains mentioned above.

Then proceed with the feminized seeds and so on. Work on light schedules, comprehend lifecycles, and we are sure that after various attempts and breeding, you will master your growing skills.