Alcohol consumption or drug abuse is a serious problem. It affects the life of the people and also destroys the economy of the country. There are few Facts about drug use which many people don’t know yet. Consumption of drugs is completely prohibited in some countries but still, people manage to arrange such things. Here in India alcohol consumption comes with a huge guideline which is strictly meant to be followed. The age limit is also there but according to the researches, the minimum age of alcohol consumed by the people here is 13. Let’s get straight to some facts about drug use.

Increased death rates – Death rates due to alcohol consumption are increasing day by day. In the united states, death rates due to alcohol consumption are the highest as compared to other diseases. People suffer a lot due to this. They damage their organs by consuming alcohol a lot and in the end, they die.

Crime rates – Crime rates in the country are also the aftereffect of alcohol or drug consumption. 50 % of crimes take place due to alcohol or drug consumption all over the world. This is one of the biggest facts about drug use. According to the reports, 80% of domestic brutality occurs because of drugs and alcohol. This report is based on the complaints filed by victims all over the world.

After effect – An addiction can cause you to harm in various ways. If you are not mentally fit then you will not be able to perform well in your workplace. According to researches, 60 % of the bad work production is caused because of alcohol and drug consumption.

Lack of Knowledge – Most of the drug-addicted patient have never received any proper treatment. Because of the numbers of factors including money problems, unawareness, etc.  Harsh facts about drug useare that many people are not even aware of the programs and treatments available for them. You can visit the website for more details

It’s illegal – Illegal drug abuses are very common in youth. Drugs include marijuana, cocaine, etc. are illegal to import and illegal to cultivate hence people are consuming them in high quantities every year.

Prescribed Medicine – Most interesting facts about drug use in India are prescribed medicine that includes pain killers, stimulants, etc. People consume such medicine for minor reasons which are not at all beneficial for health and can lead to serious problems. Visit for more details.

There are multiple awareness programs which are running by different organizations all over the world to control such addictions. Numbers of people are joining the campaign to recover and a number of people are becoming drug addicts every year. As the number increases, it’s affecting our mother nature as well. Smoke from cigarettes is very harmful to the environment. People who are capable of achieving big things in life are now just a drug addict. It limits the thought of the person and weakens their ability to do other things in life.

The above mentioned were some facts about drug use which is highly affecting our lifestyles. We need to change ourselves for sake of others or for our loved ones. Healthiness is the key to happiness.