Permanent hair removal in metropolitan skin clinic  for example, an ideal solution to never waxing or shaving again, is a dream for many women. But before getting started, you must know the difference between laser and pulsed light and where this hair removal is done. Without forgetting to find out about the reality of the definitive word.

What Is Permanent Hair Removal?

As its name suggests, permanent hair removal involves adopting a method that allows you to wax no longer or shave. To do this, you must destroy the bulb responsible for hair growth. In other words, it requires a lot of time and often a significant financial investment.

The Principle Of Laser Hair Removal

The laser projected onto the skin transforms into heat when it encounters a brown or brown color, in other words, here, the hair. By heating it to its base, it destroys the bulb that produces it, thus preventing any regrowth. This, therefore, means that women with white, blond or red hair cannot consider permanent laser hair removal st paul for example. The same goes for women with dark, matte complexions or even tanned skin: the laser would confuse the hair and the skin, and the burn would be inevitable.

Number Of Sessions And Total Cost

Laser hair removal requires 5 to 6 sessions of 20 to 30 minutes, spaced approximately every 6 weeks, to completely destroy the bulb in the areas concerned. For the three areas: legs, armpits, and bikini line, you must plan a budget that can easily reach €1800 to €2000, or even more for some practitioners. But this is, generally speaking, cheaper than it was even ten years ago. Knowing also that you can choose a package for a particular area and thus spread out your permanent hair removal over time.

Women who choose this method see it as an investment since they will never again need to buy hair removal products or make an appointment with a beautician. This, therefore, saves time and money in the long run.

A Medical Procedure Only

Dermatologists and aesthetic doctors are the only ones legally authorized to use lasers. Laser hair removal cannot, under any circumstances, be carried out in a beauty salon. In addition, with a doctor, you have the assurance of obtaining truly permanent hair removal, and he will ensure beforehand the feasibility of this technique on your skin.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Pain is a personal feeling and depends on your skin’s sensitivity, but yes, it sometimes hurts. However, a current of cold air is generally projected to avoid pain.