If you’re looking for a home visiting optician service, you’ve come to the right place. This service provides eye care in the comfort of your own home by fully qualified opticians who follow strict clinical standards. Opticall Eye Care, Specsavers, and The Outside Clinic are just a few of the companies that offer this service.

Optical Eyecare

Optical Eye Care is a home visiting optician service which offers free eye examinations to the elderly and housebound. It consists of an experienced team of optometrists and dispensing opticians who provide exceptional care and an outstanding selection of spectacles. The Visiting Optician service also offers comprehensive contact lens fittings. The prices of the service are affordable and the quality of service is second to none.

The Outside Clinic

The Outside Clinic has announced plans to expand its home visiting optician service to cover the entire UK. With a staff of 300 and plans to add a further 75 jobs in the coming year, the company hopes to double its current revenues by 2020. This expansion will also help the company grow its partnership with high street opticians, charities and care providers.

As the UK’s largest and longest-running home visiting optician service, The Outside Clinic offers eye sight tests and hearing tests to the general public for free. These tests are funded by the NHS and are available to those aged 60 or over.


Specsavers has teamed up with Healthcall, a home visiting optician service, to offer the full Specsavers experience to homebound patients. These opticians are fully qualified and experienced in providing eye exams and dispensing glasses at home.

The home visiting optician service works in partnership with the care home. It can visit a patient in their own home and provide regular eye tests, which can help to prevent falls caused by vision problems. The service can also help people with cataract surgery who need to follow aftercare instructions.

Eyecare at Home

Eyecare at Home is a visiting optician service that offers home eye exams for people who live alone or are housebound. The visiting optician has state-of-the-art equipment and can perform exams at the patient’s bedside. Its goal is to provide the highest quality care and to keep patients comfortable and safe.

A good vision is important for many reasons, including preventing falls and maintaining independence. Many eye conditions affect people as they age, and a good test can pick up glaucoma, a serious eye condition that can lead to significant vision loss if left untreated. Routine eye exams can also detect cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other health problems that could affect vision.

Specsavers mobile

Specsavers mobile home visiting opticians provide a comprehensive eye care service. The service is available to private customers and NHS patients. The service liaises with the patient’s care home to schedule an appointment. The opticians are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience in home eye care.

Specsavers home care

Specsavers has a home visiting optician service for people with different levels of mobility. This service provides full eye care and dispensing services to both private and NHS patients. This service is ideal for people who are unable to visit the optical shop on a regular basis.

If your elderly relative needs glasses or contacts, Specsavers Home Visits can help you. A regular eye test will detect any vision problems or health problems before you fall. The service can help you avoid falls and prevent further health issues. A home visiting optician will also assist you with your aftercare after cataract surgery.