Do you envy those who have that perfect V-shaped face? Achieving the coveted shape of a v-face has long been sought after as many believe it to be an attractive feature. However, very few people know what exactly makes up for that distinguished facial structure and how one can get such a look! In this blog post, we will look deeper into figuring out the ideal components of a V-shape face, help identify the non-surgical face slimming treatments to achieve it, and provide some special tips on maintaining the stunning v-shaped profile.


Why Is V Shape Face So Popular?

The V shape face is quickly becoming one of the most sought after beauty trends in recent years. Many celebrities and influencers are flaunting this look on their social media profiles in an effort to emulate the perfect chiseled jawline that has become symbolic with success and desirability. Having a V shaped face gives the illusion of looking younger, slimmer, and more refreshed than many other facial shapes. Also, with so much emphasis from large brands such as cosmetics and skincare retailers, this desirable look is easy to achieve with the help of several treatments such as Ultherapy and chin fillers for those who want an instant effect. All these reasons combined may be why the v-shaped face craze has become so popular.

What Are The Best Face Slimming Treatments In Singapore?


Thread Lift

Thread lifts for face slimming are quickly becoming the go-to facial rejuvenation procedure for many people. This minimally-invasive technique involves tiny barbed threads being placed into the skin to create lifts that stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin, leaving a long-lasting youthful appearance. The entire process takes about an hour and requires no incisions, minimizing the potential for swelling or scarring. Pain is minimal during or after treatment and results can be seen within days of undergoing a thread lift, making it an increasingly popular choice as an alternative to more invasive plastic surgery procedures.

Jaw Slimming BTX

For those looking to slim down their facial contours, Jaw Slimming BTX is fast becoming one of the go-to options. This treatment involves administering small BTX injections into specific muscles in the jaw to relax and weaken them, resulting in a more feminine and pronounced v-shape face. Normally done once yearly, the treatment has been known to reduce overly square or angular facets., making it a safe and virtually painless way to get that graceful curve. With minimal downtime associated with it, this effective solution can help you attain your desired look without much effort.


Ultherapy is an exciting new way to naturally slim the face without invasive surgery. This non-surgical, ultrasound-based procedure works by boosting collagen production in the skin, which in turn results in a tighter, more toned facial appearance. The therapy also uses thermal energy to heat the lower layers of skin, lifting and tightening them in order to give you a youthful and refreshed look. As an added benefit, this treatment requires no downtime whatsoever, so you can return to your regular activities right after your appointment. In short, Ultherapy is a safe and effective way to look rejuvenated while avoiding surgery.

Chin Fillers

Many people are turning to chin fillers as a non-surgical way to give their face a more slimmed and contoured look. They can instantly provide a profile that appears more aesthetically pleasing and balanced. The procedure is fairly simple, with no down time or recovery period beyond bruising and swelling that quickly subsides. Patients report seeing results the same day of their injection, some lasting up to two years. Being able to avoid the risks associated with surgery makes this an extremely attractive choice for those looking for aesthetic alterations to their facial structure. Chin fillers are proving to be a safe and effective solution for improving facial appearance, thus offering patients the self-confidence that comes with looking their best.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates For Face Slimming?

People who have overly broad faces, or those whose lower face appears more prominent than desirable, are ideal candidates for face slimming treatments. This type of procedure targets the appearance of the lower half of the face and can help create a balanced visage without surgical alteration. Face slimming may involve injections, lasers and/or other techniques to reduce muscular bulk and volume in order to produce certain effects. The results of this method can be immediately visible but will continue to improve over time and can enhance facial harmony overall. It is best suited for those with concerns about their facial shape or profile that cannot be improved through diet or exercise alone.

How To Maintain A V Shape Face After Non-Surgical Treatments

Maintaining a v shape face after a non-surgical treatment can be done, but it will take some effort on your part. To begin with, you must eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly. This will help to reduce fat accumulation in the face and preserve the v shape look that resulted from the non-surgical treatments.