Wondering when the last time that surgical equipment was replaced? It may have worked fine this week, but what about next week? Or the week after?

Old and outdated equipment could mean the difference between life or death to a patient on the table. While you don’t have to update your equipment every year, it is crucial to understand when it needs replacing, and how you can do so fast. Working with the latest surgical equipment is often what’s best for your patients and you.

When to Replace

The typical lifespan for medical equipment is 7 to 10 years, give or take a few depending on the piece of equipment. Other factors that impact this number are the frequency of use, how it’s used and maintained, and more.

It is crucial to check your equipment regularly, and schedule tests to make sure it is working properly. If you’re using medical supplies that are past their due date, you could be endangering a patient’s life.

You may even want to work with medical couriers to schedule updated equipment coming in so you don’t have to worry about using anything other than the most top-notch equipment. A medical supplier will know the signs of wear and tear on equipment and when you need new devices.

For Your Patients

When you get a surgical equipment upgrade it shows your current patients that you care and want only the best service for them. They may not know all of the devices being used, but a patient will notice if they need an additional test elsewhere because you didn’t have updated equipment.

Upgraded surgical equipment also helps patients get treated faster and more efficiently, so they can spend less time worrying and more time getting better. And it can also help bring in new patients who may want the most recent updated tools. It can be a point of advertisement for medical facilities that they have the latest devices that can help people heal quicker and easier.

For You

The medical field is advancing all the time, and that includes the medical equipment being used and made to treat people. When you get a surgical equipment upgrade you are also upgrading your practice.

You won’t have to send patients to other places to use the most updated systems if there’s something you don’t have. You can perform better medicine with better equipment, so don’t delay if your surgical equipment is showing its age.

Superior Surgical Equipment

When you use outdated surgical equipment it puts your practice, yourself, and your patients at risk. Start scheduling regular checks for when things should be replaced. Replacing equipment when it’s worn out will also save you money on constant maintenance.

Don’t take the extra risks with the tools you use to save lives. And if this helped you better understand the lifespan of surgical equipment, keep reading for more helpful information.