People are drawn to a slender oval face with a pointy chin and pronounced jawline. A lovely little face is difficult to forget. It not only represents youth and femininity, but it also enhances a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

The V-shaped face has been famous in Singapore since the days of K-pop and Korean dramas. Many people, both male and female, go to great lengths to obtain a V-shaped face.

In Singapore, there are a variety of V shape face slimming treatments, although their efficacy and duration differ. The outcome of the treatment is dependent on a number of variables. It’s crucial to determine which alternative is preferable for whom and will produce greater long-term effects.

How Fast Can You See The Results Of V Shape Face Treatment?

As the redness and swelling subside, you may notice the first benefits within a week. However, not all treatments yield quick benefits, and it is dependent on the treatment choice you select. Dermal fillers, for example, produce virtually instant results, whereas fat-burning treatment takes at least 14 days to show benefits. The duration of the consequences of particular selections is specified in the details section below.

What Improvements Do People See After V Shape Face Treatment?

The person’s results and progress are greatly dependent on the V shape face slimming treatment they have chosen. A prominent cheekbone, pointed chin, smaller jaw muscles, defined jawline, and skin tightening impact are some of the fundamental improvements that everyone recognizes soon after the treatment. This transforms a rounded or square face into a beautiful V shape.

Non-Invasive Treatments To Achieve V-Shaped Face


  1. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment

The therapy idea of HIFU is that ultrasonic waves are driven into the skin’s deeper layers, heating the deeper dermis to roughly 60-70 degrees Celsius. The waves cause a regulated injury to the cells, triggering the body’s natural healing system and boosting the creation of elastin and collagen, which tightens the skin.

The waves also possess lipolytic properties, which help to disintegrate fat pads in your cheeks and reduce facial bagginess. It can also be used to cure and avoid wrinkles.

The therapy produces the best outcomes after six to eight weeks, and they keep on improving over time, lasting roughly 9-12 months. It is one of the most successful treatments since there is no downtime, and you may return to work that day.

The procedure is best for persons whose skin has gotten saggy with age-related decreased collagen synthesis and quantity. It’s also utilized in obese individuals or naturally round faces to eliminate excess fat deposits from the cheeks and jaw.


  1. Radiofrequency Treatment

Multipolar and Unipolar radiofrequency waves are utilized in Thermage, which activates the production of natural collagen in your skin’s deeper layer, smooths out wrinkles resulting in tighter skin.

Collagen is the primary ingredient seen in the epidermal cells of the slim, which offers a fresh, youthful look to the face. The collagen production in the skin declines as you get old, and your skin begins losing its elasticity making it saggy.

The Radiofrequency’s working mechanism is thermal gradient. The waves are directed into your dermis’ deeper layers, heating it to 50-75°C. For the time being, the cryogen deposition cools down your superficial layers. This principle improves natural collagen production without damaging the skin’s surface.

The nonsurgical approach is recommended for V-shape face therapy in Singapore, particularly for individuals who don’t like getting surgery. It’s also effective in older individuals who have reduced collagen production.

BTX Treatments

Botulinum toxin, a derived protein generally known as BTX, lessens acetylcholine amounts released in your muscles. As the acetylcholine decreases, your muscles relax, your muscle bulk goes down, providing you with a softer appearance.

The BTX treatment is injected into your muscles in the face, especially the masseter, which offers the face a rounder build due to its heavy bulk. After the treatment, the individual gains a sharp, narrow chin and a defined jawline as their muscle mass reduce in size.


Dermal fillers tighten the skin and lift the soft tissues by replacing the collagen loss, which offers a pointed build to your chin. The fillers highlight the V shape face build when injected into certain facial areas.

The treatment is suggested for those with a squarish chin, a broader jawline, and who want a pointed chin.