Oil rig, vapour rig, and concentration pipe are all common names for the pipe. It was designed to be used just for vaporising cannabis extracts. Like a traditional bong, a dab rig uses water at its base to filter the vaporised concentrate. This resting place is where you put your “dab,” or concentration. In addition to using a long, thin tool to dab the nail, consumers will also use a torch lighter fuelled by butane or propane to warm the nail before dabbing.

Then, what are dab rigs exactly?

A dab rig is the name given to the chamber of a glass pipe that is used in conjunction with a dabbing tool like a nail or banger. This chamber may be used in place of the typical bong bowl. When you first start dabbing, you may feel overwhelmed by the process, the cost, and the number of accessories needed to use dab rigs and pipes effectively. Customers that use concentrates and dab rigs may experience strong, concentrated effects and rich terpene flavours. It’s possible that this will pique the interest of such consumers.

Matter of Efficiency

Using a dab rig might be easy and efficient if you master the skill of dabbing. Burning the nail with a flame, placing a dab of concentration on the nail, and breathing the resulting vapour are the three most crucial steps. Modern day dab pipes often consist of the glass piece, a nail, a dabber, a burner, and a carb cap. Carb caps have risen in popularity in recent years because they allow the user to dab at lower temperatures and trap the vapour in the nail for a longer amount of time. There are a few considerations to make before buying a dab rig in order to choose the best one to suit your needs for using concentrates.

How come dab rigs are?

Rigs, which include both bongs and dab rigs, are technically described as pipe chambers connected to a nail or bowl that hold cannabis products for the intention of smoking them. In the absence of prior knowledge, you may have mistook a dab rig for a bong or wondered, “Why is that bong so small?”

Even while bongs and dab rigs come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, it’s usually easy to determine which kind of device you’re looking at just by glancing at the dimensions. The dab rig is a specialised water pipe used for inhaling concentrates rather than smoke. When compared to bongs, dab rigs are often smaller since they lack the bulky bowl and instead use a banger or nail.