Despite nose and mouth being regarded as one of the most important sources of COVID transmission, hands too play a very important role. Once the hands touch surfaces containing the virus, it can transmit that to the system through the mouth and nose. Hence, the sanitization of hands is a very important aspect to look into. But again, usage of a public hand sanitizer can nullify all the positive efficacies. Here, the usage of contactless hand sanitizers is revolutionizing the workplaces, restaurants, or other public areas.

How are the Contactless Machines Helping?

Using a dispenser that is being touched by many people at a go can dissolve the purpose of hand sanitization itself. Hence, the traditional dispenser machines are getting duly replaced by automatic sanitizer dispenser machines that do not involve any use of hands while dispensing. These machines work with the presence of sensors that sense human proximity to the dispenser nozzle and automatically spray sanitizer solutions. There are foot dispensing machines too that work without contact. The button can be pressed with the foot, and the sanitizer gets dispensed.

Touch-free Dispensers

Knowing how fast COVID can spread and multiply, ÖVO Labs have brought to you contactless dispensers meant for private as well as public uses. These dispensers exclusively work without any stipulated human touch. These devices ensure a single button operation, which when switched on, automatically senses human touch and works accordingly. The foot dispensers require one button press with the foot, but no touches with the hand.

How to Use Them?

Few simple steps, when followed, the usage of the machine can be flawless:

  • The button present at the bottom of the machine needs to be pressed at the beginning which switches the machine on.
  • Place the palm under the nozzle opening of the dispenser.
  • Then, once the sanitizer is dispensed, take it and rub it all over the palms.


  • Much faster than washing hands
  • Quick efficacy
  • More accessible than sinks and water systems
  • Help water conservation
  • Can be easily installed anywhere
  • Less irritating to hands and skin
  • Prevent infection chains through blocking touch
  • Affordable and helps create awareness
  • Easy to maintain

This is a machine that helps fight the pandemic smartly and prevents the mass spread of the infection. The installation of these machines will also help create awareness about the need for hand sanitization.