We advise embracing an arranged program for jacuzzi filter maintenance. In doing so, you can considerably prolong the life of your spa filters as well as have the comfort that your filters are working as efficiently as feasible.

  • Weekly-The Quick Rinse 5-10 Minutes

Draw the filters of your jacuzzi as well as provide a fast rinse with water. Rinse them using a yard tube or inside a sink. Make sure in spreading out apart each pleat as well as wash well in between them to obtain any kind of hair, dirt, or other debris out. The primary benefit to the quick rinse is that it permits you to avoid hair from building up as well as obstructing the filters.

  • Monthly-The Chemical Rinse 20-30 Minutes

For this, we recommend that you invest in recommended spa filter cleaning tools. If you currently have filter cleaner, as well as it doesn’t come in a spray container, utilize the advised dilution technique for the cleaner as well as place it in a tidy spray container.

Kindly spray over your hot tub filters as well as allow them to sit for around 20 minutes. This is going to let the chemicals to get dissolved in the filter padding as well as eliminate the dirt and crud buried within. When the twenty minutes are up, offer the filters a complete spray to eliminate all compounds as well as a deposit left from the cleaning spray. Filter cleaners can trigger a lot of foam in your bathtub when you placed the filters back in as well as develop an imbalance in the chemistry that deserves prevention.

  • Quarterly-The Overnight Chemical Soak or 24 hours

Utilizing a cleaner developed especially for spa filter cleaning, diluting the chemical using water as per the directions leveled on the bottle. Ensure you make use of sufficient water to completely immerse the filter.

Allow the filter remains in the solution whole night or in a day. This offers a lot of time to the cleaning chemicals for dissolving the dust as well as lift the debris from the pleats.