Breast biopsies might be prescribed to you in case there is a suspicious lump in your breast. You should note that being prescribed a breast biopsy does not mean you have cancer. Most women fear to undergo a biopsy as they are not sure about the procedure and its objective.

What is the breast biopsy procedure, and why do you need it? 

Often women might notice a suspicious lump or part of their breast that seems abnormal. When they visit a doctor, they might be recommended for a breast biopsy procedure to determine whether the lump is cancerous or not. This procedure is not complicated at all. It is very simple, and there is nothing to be afraid of.

The doctor generally explains what is the breast biopsy procedure to you in detail. This is done so that you are mentally and physically prepared for the procedure. Note, that being prescribed the biopsy does not mean you have cancer, it is just a test to make it easier for the doctor to determine the nature of the lump or cyst that you might have in your breast. 

Other cases for a breast biopsy 

If you have already undergone a mammogram and its results are not clear, your doctor will recommend a breast biopsy. If there are any signs of changes to your nipple in the form of scaling, or a crust, a discharge of blood or anything abnormal, your doctor will advise you to take a breast biopsy as soon as possible. You might have a tumor inside your breast. 

Preparing for the breast biopsy

Your doctor will take some medical tests to determine whether you have any allergies or reactions to anesthesia. If you are taking any medicines, inform your doctor. If you need an MRI scan, tell your doctor about any electronic implants in your body like a pacemaker or the like.  You should wear your bra for the procedure. It helps keep the cold pack in place to arrest inflammation and pain. 

Types of breast biopsies

There are generally five types of breast biopsies, and the doctor will recommend the best one for you. They are fine needle, stereotactic, core needle, surgical, and MRI guided biopsy. Once the procedure is over, you can go home. However, follow the instructions of the doctor when it comes to home care. In case you get a fever, see signs of inflammation or redness on the site where the biopsy has taken place, you must inform the doctor.

When it comes to what is the breast biopsy procedure, you do not need to be scared. The procedure is a simple medical test where a sample of breast tissue is removed. This sample is sent to a laboratory to determine whether the tissue taken from your breast is cancerous or not. The whole procedure is conducted under medical supervision. You have nothing to be worried about. It is a single-day procedure, and your doctor will give you all the details needed so that you are mentally and physically prepared for it without tensions.