The LAP-BAND or commonly referred to as Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB), is safe, minimally invasive and effective. It is currently more and more popular among all the weight loss methods available in Europe.

Since early 2000, LAP-BAND has been available in Europe and abroad. As a relatively new procedure, patients typically ask about the treatment, bands, and expectations after the treatment are complete. This article looks to answer some common questions for patients who are considering the LAP-BAND procedure and how long gastric band surgeries take.

How is gastric banding performed?

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is an operation performed through an incision the size of a thumbnail. In this process, a doctor places a silicone band around the top of the stomach to form a small gastric pouch. This band is highly adjustable and can be removed if necessary.

Typically, patients are required to spend the night at the clinic or hospital, but some centres currently perform this operation on an outpatient or “day” basis. Most patients can usually return to their normal activities within seven days.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding works by controlling a patient’s hunger and portion size. A patient needs only to eat a small amount of solid food which will fill their upper stomach and signal the brain when they get full.

In most cases, LAP-BAND adjustment, is through simple steps performed in the doctor’s office. Through this process, the doctor inserts a tiny needle into the access port and adds or removes fluid based on weight loss and other factors.

How to get gastric band surgery abroad

Due to the importance of short-haul flights and convenient transportation, European destinations closest to you have become the most popular destinations. These include Belgium and Germany, which are globally recognized as centres of excellence in this are, but the price is only half that of the UK.

For example, in Belgium, the procedure costs only 3,800 pounds, while in the UK, a patient can pay over 8,000 pounds. Medical tourism hot spots like Hungary and the Czech Republic also offer plenty of discounts. Baltic countries like Latvia and Lithuania are also famous for their high-quality clinics, convenient services, and low prices.

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Key facts on gastric band surgery

Below are some important factors for gastric band surgery:

  • It is a rapid, minimally invasive, adjustable and reversible surgical procedure that reduces stomach size and food intake.
  • Gastric banding is a process that involves a doctor placing an inflatable band on the upper side of the patient’s stomach so that a patient feels full and eats less.
  • The bands can lead to noticeable weight loss and improve diabetes, but the difference in weight loss is substantial.

How long a gastric band surgery takes

Gastric banding is in most cases performed in outpatient clinics, and patients typically get discharged on the same day.

The process is minimally invasive. It is done through keyhole incisions where the surgeon makes 1 to 5 small surgical incisions in the abdomen. The operation is performed using a laparoscope and a thin tube with a camera. This process typically takes 30 to 60 minutes.

Most people can get back to most of their normal activities within two days.


The benefits of laparoscopic gastric banding are:

  • Obese people can lose weight
  • Relatively fast recovery
  • Less possibility of hernias and wound infections
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes, hypertension, urinary incontinence and other diseases related to overweight
  • No loss of nutrient absorption
  • Usually improves the quality of life after surgery
  • You can also choose to adjust or remove the gastric bands
  • On average, patients can lose 40-60% of their extra weight, depending on the individual