Some skin conditions are best addressed by a plastic surgeon cincinnati rather than a dermatologist. If you have sustained serious wounds or burns, a cosmetic procedure would be the most viable option to rejuvenate your damaged skin. A plastic surgeon is more knowledgeable than a dermatologist when it comes to facial anatomy. Plus, they are well versed with the necessary techniques (invasive and non-invasive) for rebuilding aesthetics. Find out what skin rejuvenation options from a cosmetic surgeon you might be eligible for.

What Options Are Available to Treat Burns and Wounds?

To treat a severe wound, dead tissues are removed first in a process known as debriding before reconstructive surgery. A plastic surgeon can apply various wound treatments such as these.


Suppose you have lost a lip, ear, toe, or finger. One of the best methods to reattach these body parts is microsurgery. Here, the surgeon will use a microscope to sew small blood vessels and nerves so they can heal. Microsurgery is usually recommended for treating facial paralysis and breast reconstruction. It may also be accompanied by a free flap procedure.


When a part of your skin is taken to cover a wound in another part of the body, the procedure is known as a skin graft. You can undergo either a full-thickness graft (the entire dermis) or a split-thickness graft (thin layer of the outer skin). The surgeon uses a dermatome to cut the skin from, say, the inner thigh or buttocks. Then they transplant it on the affected area using stitches. The recovery can take up to three weeks. Skin grafts are also good for nose reconstruction and skin cancers that have caused severe loss of tissue.

Free flap procedure

It is usually done to reconstruct the breast or after surgery to eliminate treat neck or head cancer. It involves the transfer of tissue from one part of the body to another. The healing process may be slow and requires intensive wound care.

Tissue expansion

If you need some extra skin to grow on your body, a skin rejuvenation surgeon may suggest tissue expansion. The reconstructive procedure entails the insertion of a balloon expander underneath the skin that requires repair. A saline solution is injected into the balloon to gradually help the skin expand. It can take four months for the balloon expander to bulge to a desirable level. The stretching of the skin happens the same way as during pregnancy. The extra tissue will be used to rebuild damaged parts. After tissue expansion, the color and texture of the skin remain almost perfect. Because no skin is removed, you can expect little or no scarring. It is perfect for breast reconstruction. However, the scar is more noticeable after scalp repair.

When faced with skin complications that cannot be treated by beauty products, it is good to seek help from a reconstructive skin expert. As you have read, there are many skin rejuvenation options from a cosmetic surgeon that can restore your facial anatomy after burns. A qualified reconstructive surgeon knows what method that can fully take your skin back to normal even under extreme conditions.

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