A vape device can be divided into four major categories:

  1. Cig-A-Like Device
  2. Vape Pod Device
  3. Vape Pen Device
  4. Vape Box-Mod Device
  1. Cig-a-likes

Developed to resemble traditional cigarettes such as Geek Bars and Elf Bars, Cig-a-likes are among the earliest vape devices available. It comes pre-filled with liquid, but can not be refilled with e-liquid. Cig-a-likes are discreet, lightweight devices that come prefilled with liquid. In the long run, this can be more expensive as they need to be disposed of after use. As a result, they are less popular today than more modern devices.

  1. Vape pod devices

Vape pod kits, also known as pod devices, are relatively new and popular on the market. The vape devices are lightweight, portable, and come with in-built batteries made for everyday usage. Beginners should definitely use them.

They are characterized by removable e-liquid containers, also called cartridges or replaceable pods, which are very popular. Pod devices can either come filled with vape liquid or be refillable, and their tanks determine what kind of device they are.

What are the best e-liquids for these devices? With pod devices, you want to use e-liquids between 40VG and 60VG. Inhaling from them doesn’t vaporize too much liquid, so they are popular with stronger nicotine strength. This type of device allows you to use e-liquids with any nicotine strength.

  1. Vape pens

The next most common device type is the vape pen. In general, vape pens work similarly to pod devices, however, they are a bit larger in size and are always cylindrical in shape.

In addition to the built-in battery, most vape pens are designed with an optional removable battery, which can be charged using a USB cable. 

Vape pen devices differ from vape pod devices primarily in how the e-liquid tanks are designed. The tanks on pen devices are built-in, which means that the tank cannot be removed; only the vape coils are removable. While not every vape pen comes with an integrated tank, a majority do and that is a big differentiator against pod devices.

  1. Box mod devices

Known more commonly as box mods or box mod kits, box mods are the most powerful type of vape device and, for this reason, are most popular with intermediate to advanced vape users.

A box refers to the box-shaped main body of the device. The term mod refers to modular devices; all modules or components of mod devices can be removed and replaced independently, enabling a high degree of control over their look, functionality, and power.

A box mod kit has the advantage of allowing you to control the device’s temperature and wattage. Moreover, one of the modules of each design is a removable tank, so the options are limitless and offer even more advanced features.

The larger inbuilt or removable batteries within these devices make them bulkier and heavier than other vape kits. These vaporizers are able to produce huge clouds and allow vapers to enjoy enhanced flavors due to their extreme power.