With the meteoric rise of CBD, it’s more important than ever for consumers to educate themselves about CBD products. Being informed about the different types of CBD helps you ensure that you’re making a good decision about what products you decide to use.

One of the most important things to learn is the difference between full spectrum CBD tincture and CBD isolate. We’ll go over both so that you can understand the difference between these two products.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is pure CBD that has been isolated from all of the other compounds that are naturally found in the hemp plant. This is accomplished using chromatography, which is a process that separates the components of a mixture.

The isolation process removes unwanted cannabinoids, plant mater, and terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give hemp plants their scent and flavor.

Some people prefer CBD isolate because of its pure taste and because their body responds well to it. However, removing the natural terpenes and secondary cannabinoids means that the CBD does not produce the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the scientific theory that cannabis-derived compounds work best when all of the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes are present. In other words, secondary cannabinoids and terpenes enhance the effectiveness of CBD.

What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD products contain the full chemical makeup of the hemp plant it was derived from. This includes secondary cannabinoids, terpenes, and trace amounts of THC.

Full spectrum CBD is required by law to contain less than 0.3% THC. So even though full spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts of THC, it’s impossible to experience psychoactive effects from it.

Many consumers report that full spectrum CBD distillate works better for them than CBD isolate because of the entourage effect. The secondary cannabinoids and terpenes increase the product’s effectiveness.

What Is a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

A full spectrum CBD tincture is a liquid dietary supplement that contains concentrated CBD. You take these supplements by putting the CBD oil under your tongue and holding it for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

Tinctures are a popular way to take CBD supplements because they are easy to use and measure. They also work very quickly because they are introduced to your body by sublingual absorption.

CBD tinctures are typically packaged in a small bottle with a dropper that consumers use to measure and take liquid CBD drops, which you can view here.

Because tinctures contain highly concentrated doses of CBD, you don’t have to take a high dose to feel its effects. The droppers that come in CBD tinctures have marks on them that show measurement sizes, typically in milliliters.