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Florida is all about the beach, sun, nightlife, and fun. It’s a country of picturesque outdoors, plenty of amazing spots for nature lovers, and amazing resorts for some beach time. However, if the idea of total retreat and bringing back balance to your life sounds good – Florida is also a place to go. There are numerous places where you can go and relax by yourself, bring your special someone for a getaway weekend or invite your friends for a different way of hanging out. Let’s explore the best wellness retreats in Florida – the ultimate recharge locations in the Sunshine State. 

Why consider a wellness retreat anyway? 

Very often, people would choose a common resort-type holiday, having fun at the beach, socializing, shopping, and similar activities to spend their days off. However, they often forget there’s a way to relax, but also recharge your body and soul and give yourself the ultimate well-being retreat experience. Some of the benefits of participating in a wellness retreat include:

  • Deal with some neglected well-being goals and finally have time to dedicate to yourself 
  • Be surrounded by nature and make a positive change in your everyday routine to get away from daily rut;
  • Recover – Take time to heal after some unpleasant experiences or tragic life events, or just recover from daily stress;
  • You have a chance to break a bad habit, such as smoking or alcohol, by being surrounded by a more conscious, healthy environment and supportive people.
  • Unwind for real – with no unhealthy distractions, you can relax for real, but also have time to focus or try to make an important decision. Nationwide Moving Services experts advise that a wellness retreat is a great option for those who recently moved to Florida. Change of environment, as well as the moving organization, can take away a lot of your energy, and visiting a Florida wellness retreat is the best way to recharge. 
  • Access to professional opinion – high-quality wellness retreats in the Sunshine State have the best staff that will help you make the most out of your time there, but also enjoy the retreat process and get an expert opinion on any dilemmas or problems you might be having. 

Where to go? The best wellness retreats in Florida

There are plenty of wellness options in the state – some of them are a part of an all-inclusive beach resort, and some are located on a lake, in the mountains, etc. We narrowed the list to only the highest-quality ones you’ll truly enjoy to help you choose – take a look at the best wellness retreats this state has to offer. 

  1. Beach ‘Fitcation’ in St. Pete/ Clearwater 

Let’s begin with the most Florida-like retreat you’ll find. Located in one of the best beaches in the state, Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach offers a wellness experience called ‘fitcation’ – a way to exercise your body in mind in the most perfect surroundings. Soak up the sun while participating in outdoor fitness, enjoy healthy meals and get a good night’s sleep in a room with a view. 

  1. Full Circle Yoga School, Key West – perfect for mental and physical cleanse 

Key West has so much to offer to its visitors, including a retreat wellness experience that can change you forever. This yoga retreat is more than just a yoga class – it’s a journey that can transform the way you think about life and yourself. It’s perfect for those who have been through a lot recently – stress, traumas, and different unpleasant experiences. You can cleanse your mind from all the bad influences through different yoga and meditation styles. This is a 4-day retreat that will help you relax, refresh your body and soul and give you a new attitude towards life. 

  1. Zen Den Yoga School and Retreat Center at Boca Raton 

One more proof that a couple of days can truly make a difference – disconnect from all the everyday troubles at the wellness retreat in Boca Raton and reconnect with your true self. Located a short walk away from beautiful Boca Raton beaches, this retreat center offers organized experiences that can last 3,5,7, or even 4 nights. Daily and sunset meditation, various spa experiences and treatments, and different retreat programs will ensure Boca Raton becomes your place of peace and joy. 

  1. Safety harbor Resort and Spa – Wellness for Life Retreat 

The name says it all – this will indeed be your safe harbor. Improving your overall health and wellness has never been easier – this wellness retreat is perfect for individuals, couples, or groups. You’ll get guidance from fitness, diet, and therapy experts, making this a complete experience to help you recover or get back on track. It’s a minimum 6-night stay and includes cozy accommodation, planned meals, fitness programs assisted by a personal certified trainer, massages, body treatments and so much more. It’s a place that will send you home fully recovered and ready for new challenges and adventures. 

  1. Miami Farmland Retreat 

Located on beautiful agricultural land in Miami, this Farmland retreat is an unusual, but very efficient way to restore your mind, body, and soul. Putting yourself in an uncommon environment you can rediscover yourself, release stress, practice healthier eating habits and simply reach balance by being surrounded by nature. This 4-day Tropical Farmland Retreat includes yoga and a healthy meal plan, ensuring you give your body only the best during that time. This retreat would be a perfect reward if you’ve just moved to Miami and did your best to settle in quickly and nicely – relocations can be particularly stressful and challenging, and this would be your chance to unwind and relax afterward. 

  1. Peace and Purpose Wellness Retreat in Gainesville 

If you’ve been feeling smothered by busy days, noisy traffic, and too many distractions – reconnecting with nature would be the best thing to do. Gainesville is home to the Peace and Purpose Wellness retreat where you can get away from the world and enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s perfect for dealing with anxiety and stress, enjoying some locally-grown food, and participating in different retreat programs. 

Finally, the question is – are you up for a stay in one of the wellness retreats in Florida? Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but this experience may be exactly what you need. A couple of days with your best friend, a romantic weekend with your significant other, or maybe some time dedicated to yourself. Time to go back on track, bring balance to life, and deal with your inner self in the best way possible.

Meta: Say thanks to your soul and body by visiting one of the top wellness retreats in Florida and immerse yourself in a unique experience you’ll never forget.