For growing a beard, a beard roller can be very handy. This is because a beard roller stimulates hair follicle growth through the technique of micro-needling leading to a denser beard by boosting nutrient-rich blood flow to the area. Beard growth is seen by many people as something masculine and comes across as mature or wise. Genetics and hormones play a large role in determining how quickly and fully your beard will grow. But health and lifestyle habits also play a part. 

Does a beard roller work?

Studies show that micro needling promotes scalp hair growth especially paired with other treatments for hair growth. A beard roller increases the supply of collagen beneath your skin by pricking the skin and making micro cuts. By penetrating your skin at a certain level (the epidermis) the brain is tricked into thinking that area of skin is injured and thereby ensures a supply of collagen that heals the injury. An increase in blood flow and collagen boosts beard growth.

How to use a beard roller?

The best way to use a beard roller is to first disinfect it with alcohol before and after use. This ensures thatthe beard roller is disinfected and contains no traces of any pathogens. After cleaning the beard roller, you can use it by gently applying the beard roller to the skin with light pressure. Then roll the beard roller five times left to right and bottom to top. After this roll the roller diagonally back and forth 5 times.

After using the beard roller, you can apply an oil or serum to your skin. Be aware that there is often time between these. You should use the roller twice a week with a 3-day rest period. After 3 months the beard roller should be replaced.