Believe it or not but everyone cares about breasts in different ways. Consider doing a quick poll among your male friends and acquaintances, and you will see that most of them will admit that they initially glance at a woman’s breasts before her face. That same goes for women. They also look at other women’s breasts and compare their sizes with theirs. While such behaviours are not common to talk about, they happen all the time, and getting breast cancer screening in Singapore and other places is no different.

You should know that getting breast cancer screening is normal, especially for women, since they have more breast cells than men. According to the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), one in every eight women will most likely suffer from breast cancer. They also find out that a woman passes away from breast cancer every thirteen minutes.

To lower your chance of developing breast cancer and be part of the said figure, consider getting a medical check up in Singapore every year.

Read the following to help you familiarise yourself with breast cancer screening, the tests involve, who is at risk, and when you should age for breast cancer screening as you grow older.

What Is Breast Cancer Screening?

Breast cancer screening is like any other health screening in Singapore. They are sets of procedures that people, mostly women, go through to determine whether or not they are developing any signs of breast cancer.

Given that breast cancer is currently the most common type of cancer, it is only natural to be more careful and thrive to survive. You should know that survival of the fittest has always been part of human nature, and a medical check up for early detection, regardless of diseases and conditions, can help ease anyone’s mind.

Who Is At Risk Of Breast Cancer?

Besides sex as a female, there are other risk factors why some people, particularly women, are at high risk of developing breast cancer, such as:

●    Environment

More exposure to radiation, especially around the chest area, increases your chances of breast cancer. The same goes if you live in a highly polluted place.

●    Early Menstruation

Getting a menstrual period before 12 years old can also put you at risk of breast cancer.

●    Excess Weight

You have more chances of developing breast cancer if your body mass index (BMI) is higher than a normal BMI for your age and height.

●    Lack Of Physical Activity

Even though you have a normal BMI, you are also at risk of breast cancer if you do not exercise your body regularly.

●    High Alcohol Intake

Drinking more alcoholic beverages also has a higher risk of breast cancer.

●    Heavy Smoker

The same goes if you smoke cigarettes or vape.

●    Having Or Not Having Children

Either way can put you at risk of breast cancer when you become older than 30 years old.

Out of all mentioned risk factors, you can lower your chances of developing breast cancer by changing your lifestyle. If you are overweight, consider losing weight. You can also stop smoking and drinking alcohol altogether to reduce the likelihood.

What Are The Tests Involving Breast Cancer Screening?

Since you plan to get breast cancer screening in Singapore, below are the tests you can expect to undergo during your appointment.


1.  Clinical Breast Exam

During this procedure, the doctor or nurse will ask you to unhook your bra for a while. That way, they can touch and feel your breasts more with their hands and see if there are any lumps.

2.  Breast Self-Awareness

While doing the clinical breast exam, you can expect the doctors or nurse to show you how to look at your breasts and access them in your daily routine. Doing so should increase your ability to notice signs of breast cancer and report the changes to your doctor.

3.  Mammogram

A mammogram is a breast cancer screening test that uses an x-ray machine to detect breast cancer before signs of symptoms appear.

4.  Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Unlike mammograms, this breast cancer screening test does not involve or use radiation. It only uses magnetic fields to make detailed visuals of the breasts (more on the inside).

Unlike regular health screening in Singapore, this one only involves tests concerning the breasts or chest area. Therefore, you should expect that you have to show your breasts to the doctor, and they will have to touch them, especially during the clinical breast exam.

When Should Women Get Breast Cancer Screening?

The frequency of getting breast cancer screening in Singapore highly depends on women’s age. Here is an ideal timeline when you get one.

Age 20 to 39

  • May get a clinical breast exam every one to three years.

Age 40 And 44

  • Besides clinical breast exams, they have options to get a mammogram yearly.

Age 45 To 54

  • Should get a clinical breast exam and mammogram every year.

55 And Older

  • May get a clinical breast exam continuously and change the frequency of mammograms to every other year.

Consider setting a reminder to your calendar so you will not forget to get breast cancer screening every year. Doing so should help you monitor your health, especially your breasts.

The types of tests you can get during breast cancer screening tests highly depend on your chosen health care provider and your well-being. You may discuss the test you will get before confirming your appointment for breast cancer screening in Singapore.

The Bottom Line

Getting screened for breast cancer is similar to athletes who make a living through sports. They visit a sports clinic to avoid injury by asking their specialist how to improve themselves. In other words, you have nothing to be afraid of when you get breast cancer screening since it can help detect early signs of breast cancer.

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