Today we will go through the top-tier business ideas that should dominate 2022. If you want to take a look at the business idea, then you’ve come to the right place.

Babysitting services

Continuing the theme of the detrimental effects of covid, it is impossible not to note the change in demand for the services of domestic staff. The transition of employees to remote work has dramatically reduced the demand from working mothers for babysitting services. At the same time, the avalanche of cases, especially among the elderly, has led to a surge in demand for the services of nurses to monitor convalescents.

CBD space in Canada

Cannabis has lots of health benefits and you are aware of it. Recent research has found that people who use CBD improve their work quality and focus. Canada was the first to open the door to the CBD products. Companies like Top Shelf BC are selling high quality CBD products to improve customer satisfaction. 

Services family doctor

Even in the medical business, which, it would seem, is already at its peak due to the current situation, changes are also observed. A private family doctor – this line of business in the field of medicine did not take root in the EU for a long time. The last 2 years have revealed an acute shortage of doctors, leading families, who know the medical history of each and are able to personally visit patients if necessary.

Sale of perfume VS sale of sanitizers

A sharp decline in the purchasing power of the population + a massive transfer of employees to work from home has led to a natural decrease in demand for perfumery – an expensive item of no prime necessity, which is now “carried” in front of no one, and the smell is not transmitted through the monitor.

At the same time, the demand for all kinds of disinfectants has skyrocketed, both from ordinary people who are afraid of getting sick, and from organizations that are now required to place disinfectants everywhere. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers of perfumes and household chemicals have redirected a significant part of their capacities to the production of more popular disinfectants

Car rental  VS Car sharing

Most often, a car is rented if you need a car for at least a day. Often this is done upon arrival in a new city in order to comfortably visit all the hard-to-reach attractions. But against the backdrop of the coronavirus, people are increasingly choosing carsharing. Among the advantages: The possibility of per-minute payment for the car (convenient if you need to get, for example, to a business center or the beach) The opportunity to leave the car at one of the company’s parking lots, which are usually located throughout the city. There is no need to draw up a lease agreement and contact with employees.