Whenever we talk about an oily skin care routine, there is so much advice and tips floating around that are sometimes incorrect. Different skin types require different care, therefore the first step towards choosing a skincare routine is to understand the skin type. People who suffer from oily skin problems are constantly in search of quick remedies. Understanding which product suits our skin is extremely crucial to treat the problem effectively.

While following an oily skin care routine consistently is important to reduce sebum production, there are small tips that one can include in their daily routine to treat the problem efficiently. Before framing a routine or including these tips in your skincare, one should always know the cause of their oily skin. It can either be a genetic or a lifestyle problem. To frame the best oily skincare routine one should always be aware of the reason. A dermatologist is considered best to help people through this process.

Oily Skincare Tips for Winter

Here are certain tips that one can include in their oily skin care routine for winter. These tips are safe and do not cause any side effects, therefore everybody can try them:

Eat Right

We indeed are what we eat. Eating junk or oily food during winter will increase the oil production on our skin. Lifestyle changes are extremely important to control any form of skin issue. During the winter season, one should include more green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits in their diet. Eating more home-cooked meals that have less oil will help to control sebum production.

Drink Water

Sometimes people reduce their water intake during the winter season. This affects their skin drastically as the body does not receive enough hydration. Just like our skin needs moisturizer for topical hydration, it is also important to stay hydrated inside to bring out the inner glow. Drinking at least three liters of water every day is recommended by doctors to keep our body and skin healthy.

Proper Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is another tip to keep oil production at bay. An improper sleep cycle directly affects the health of our skin. People who have oily skin notice more sebum production. After practicing the nighttime oily skin care routine, one should always get an eight-hour sleep so that the products can do their work while the body is resting. At night, our skin cells work better while we are sleeping. Therefore, beauty sleep is considered crucial to look fresh and have a healthy glow in the morning.

Use Light Makeup

It is advised to apply light makeup during winter so that the pollution and dryness do not cause imbalance on our skin. Winters tend to make our skin dry but it is the opposite for oily skin people. Using heavy makeup aggravates the problem. Therefore, one should always refrain from using too many makeup products when one has oily skin.

Wash Your Face with Water

People who have oily skin can wash their face with just water at short intervals. This will keep the skin fresh and cause less oil production throughout the day. While using a cleanser twice is recommended in the oily skin care routine, washing with just water can be done anytime throughout the day.


Use a scrubber during winters to keep oily skin problems aways. During the winter season, certain areas on our face become more oily and give birth to acne. Scrubbing these areas will remove the dead skin cells and reduce acne production.

Using all these tips in your oily skin care routine will help to tackle the problem to a greater extent during the winter season. These positive changes will also keep the body active and healthy.