We often hear how video games are not good for children, unhealthy and should be avoided. A lot of advice around video games involves limiting them as much as possible. However, while there are some negatives to playing video games, such as stopping us from spending as much time outside, there are some benefits of video games for your health and wellbeing that you may want to consider. Playing video games can be beneficial for our physical, emotional, and mental health. 

Help with Dyslexia

If you suffer from dyslexia, then playing video games can help. Gaming has shown some benefits in overcoming this mental disability. Although researchers don’t yet have a full understanding of dyslexia and why it will affect some people and not others, there are some theories. One of these is that dyslexia is caused by attention problems. When gaming, you are forced to concentrate for a long period of time, and you may not even realize that you are doing it because you are having so much fun. You need to read or listen to instructions and follow them and get familiar with the missions that you need to complete. The intense focus that is needed to play the game successfully can often change things in your brain completely. So, if you need a reason to start gaming with a Nvidia Gaming Laptop, this might be a good one. 

Physical Exercise

Since they were first invented, video games have come a long way and the only option is no longer sitting down for hours at a time to complete missions and reach the end of the game. These days, there are more physical computer games available that require you to get up and move to play successfully. Virtual Reality games, for instance, are becoming more and more popular with affordable VR headsets available, and these really do get you moving by fully immersing you in the game rather than you watching it on a screen. Along with this, even if you’re not playing games that require you to get up and move, it might encourage you to move more outside of gaming. Kids who play sports games, for example, are more likely to become interested in playing that sport in real life. 

Improved Vision

While there is an old belief that your vision may be negatively affected if you sit too close to the TV or computer, studies have shown that computer gaming can actually have a positive impact on your vision. And since many controllers are now wireless or have much longer cords compared to in the past, you’re not going to be sitting that close to your TV or monitor when playing. Since gaming means that you are forced to look for details, or distinguish between different shades of the same color, this can help improve your vision in the real world and sharpen it, making it easier for you to notice smaller details. 

Boost Memory and Cognitive Abilities

There is a lot of information out there about how important it is to keep our brains working in order for them to function as well as possible. While Sudoku puzzles and crosswords are often brought up as brain training exercises, there is no denying that playing computer games may also be useful. When you’re playing a game, your brain is working quite a lot. And, over time, you will need to remember details about the game such as characters, what various items do, missions, and more. You will recognize patterns in the game and your brain will always be working to determine the best and most creative ways to get through each stage. If you are interested in brain training, then you can find games that are created specifically for this purpose. 

Reduce Stress

Everybody experiences stress for some reason or another. Some of us have stressful jobs, while for others, our home life or finances are causing stress. How we handle stress is ultimately going to determine how it effects our health, and video gaming can be a good coping mechanism for reducing stress naturally. First of all, it’s going to take your mind off things as you’ll be so focused on the game that you will forget about the stress for a while as you focus on the missions that you need to complete. Along with this, video gaming can help you become more creative, improve your decision-making skills, and build your social connections, all of which can help you find healthy ways to deal with stress over time. 

While video gaming might not be the first thing that you think about when you consider a healthy hobby, it is one that actually has quite a few good health benefits.