I open the grand Haveli doorways for the veranda leading for the lush gardens where resides a remarkable Buddha sculpture in natural pink sandstone, sitting lower while using bowl, in earth touching mudra. The Maharaja elephant, ornately produced in black granite along with his trunk up earns the grandness in the past. Encircled by old oak trees and wild wild birds of paradise this really is really the vista from my yoga room inside my house, my sacred space and sanctuary where I really do my daily practise. Tranquil and peaceful, I consume the goodness of father time and supply her my devotion.

My yoga room houses my beautiful altar, created from the classic Indian window, where I practise meditation and align my chakras. Hands sculpted deities within the Vedic traditions hold great forces. My altar gets the Sri yantra and Shiva, the mystic dancer, and Hanuman, the Rudra avatar of Shiva, recognized for his healing forces and also the pure devotion. Ganesha and Lakshmi lay on their crystals and resonate with my daily intention. Pictures of my Mom and dad as well as the sacred text in the Bhagwad Gita guide me to check out the journey.

Mala beads of lapis lazuli endure rudraksha, hands knotted with cotton tassels, adorns Shiva as well as the quarta movement very mala synchronizes while using Sri yantra. Ganesha loves red and governs the primary chakra, the barrier mala beads ground me to earth after i sit inside my asana of a person’s and love. I decorate the altar with wax lights and incense and flowers, getting into new energy and love into the house and heart. Altars are divine centers for yoga or meditation and energize the region around them, obtaining the resonance from the soul greater.

Your altar can be a indication of your inner spirit, a symbol from the soul and the way you already know the earth. Artistic ” ” old world ” ” elements like antique arches incorporated within the wall is really a beautiful backdrop within my yoga sanctuary. Light and airy sari curtains ruffle inside the wind as well as the handloom cotton throws round the floors are merely well suited for sitting. It’s my location of solace where I showed up at re-energize my spiritual energy. The ability grows and multiplies with each and every mantra which is deflected in my opinion. It’s a beautiful place to meditate and seek inspiration, communicate with the planet as well as be utilising the times of year.


The produced barn doorways of Saraswati and Vishnu, whitewashed with subtle hues of color seeping through certainly are a divine pleasure to behold. We used them since the doorways into my yoga sanctuary. Old forest are very earthing and grounding and just seeing the standard carvings takes me to the pure pleasure of divine bliss.